10+ Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

Do you want to improve your Netflix experience? Well, check this list of the best Netflix chrome extensions.

Little I can say about Netflix that has not already been said. An endless catalog, literally, available on any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, video game console, smart TV …) and with excellent image quality if your connection allows it.

Previously I show you how you can unlock some extra Netflix categories using some unique codes.

Today I’m going to review some of the best Netflix chrome extensions available to enjoy Netflix in Google Chrome, making the most of its catalog, making it easier to search, customizing the reproduction and sharing the viewing with your friends.

1. Flix Plus by Lifehacker

fix plus netflix chrome extension

If like me, you think that Netflix isn’t perfect and should improve in some aspects, you should take a look at this Netflix chrome extension. Flix Plus is the solution to several problems and disadvantages with the service, such as the recommendation of genres that might not interest you or titles that you have seen, the absence of trailers corresponding to movies and series or possible spoilers disguised as synopses.

Just log in to your Netflix account so you can access the extension settings. There you will find various options related to the selection of titles and their details, such as hiding the section you don’t like, giving priority to your list of movies and series, showing scores of IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, adding notes to movies or configuring shortcuts of the keyboard, among other features.

2. FindFlix


One of the keys of Netflix is that it has dozens of categories and subcategories, which allows it to show results according to our tastes.

By default, these subcategories are hidden, although you can access them, as we saw with this useful trick.

FindFlix is a Netflix chrome extension that gives us direct access to these subcategories.

Searching by keyword, it will be shown the subcategories to see films with similar and particular themes.

3. Super Netflix

super netflix

As a user of Chrome and Netflix, you should know that movies and series are not played in high definition, even if you have contracted the most top plan. The new HTML5 player limits the transmission to a resolution of 720p in Chrome. One option would be to change the browser or use an extension to force the best possible video quality, like, in this case, Super Netflix.

The best ally to enjoy your favorite titles at the highest available bit rate in Chrome, up to 3,000 per second. It also allows you to change the default streaming server, upload subtitles in DFXP format compatible with the player, hide forced subtitles by using keys and control the volume of the player with the mouse wheel.

4. Super Browse

super browse netflix chrome extension

A few weeks ago I talked about the list of categories by code on which the Netflix organization is based, which, for some reason, is limited to showing us a few genres and very few that could interest us. But of course, in addition to responding with the recommendation of lists, I recommend about a Netflix chrome extension that improves the exploration of the catalog with a great variety of genres within reach of a click.

Netflix Super Browse should be installed right now in your Chrome browser since it allows you to access the hundreds of genres that you have long ignored from Netflix. You will not waste your time looking for movies and series from the catalog that you may not like, thanks to this category super-searcher. Just pass the bookmark above and try not to lose yourself in the list of genres before enjoying a title.

5. Enhancer for Netflix

enhancer for netflix

Another Netflix chrome extension with new features is Enhancer for Netflix, which also serves for Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Among other things, it shows us the hidden Netflix categories, allows us to sync our history with other services such as Simkl, shows trailers and IMDB scores, etc.

6. Netflix Party

netflix party

The first of these is the so-called Netflix Party, a free Netflix chrome extension that is installed in Google’s web browser and must be downloaded and installed by all group members before playing Netflix content to be shared.

Well, to use first open the corresponding video, obligatorily in Chrome, of course, but instead of clicking on the button “Play,” click on the extension Netflix Party.

Each video will have its unique ID so that you can pass it to the group’s members so that everyone can synchronize. At the same time, you will have a group chat incorporated in the extension itself so that you can talk and share opinions of what you are seeing, all in real time and in which only interested users can participate, so the chat doesn’t It will bother the rest.

7. Rabbit

rabbit chrome

If you like to watch movies or series with friends, Rabbit allows you to do it but without having to prepare popcorn for several.

With Rabbit, you can see Netflix content with your friends, each at home with their account. Among other things, it synchronizes playback and allows you to comment while watching the episode or movie.

8. Better Browse

better browse

Better Browse is a Netflix chrome extension available in the Web Store and installed directly in the browser and used to find contents in Netflix’s hidden payroll.

Actually, Better Browse is a tool that facilitates the user to find content that suits their needs among the thousands and thousands of products that it offers, and for them, it relies on the secret catalog, which in reality is more than “secret”, it is a list Special and is available to everyone.

Through this app, users can access a list of categories much more extensive than the default one; This means that you can filter the content and separate it by genre according to our preferences. Better Browse was created to replace the secret codes that once allowed you to activate these hidden subcategories.

9. Showgoers


To watch movies with your friends, you have Showgoers, a Netflix chrome extension that also allows you to watch Netflix with people at the same time but a distance.

As with Rabbit, you can watch your favorite series or movie and comment on it in a chat with your friends from the same Chrome window.

10. Video Adjust for Netflix

video adjust netflix chrome extension

Surely it has happened to you that on some occasion, the photograph of a Netflix video is so dark that you can hardly see what is happening.

With Video Adjust for Netflix, you will have the possibility to improve the brightness, saturation, and contrast of the playback to avoid this problem.

You can apply the changes manually or by selecting one of the pre-configured profiles.

11. Film Stack

film stack

Netflix allows you to see a series of a pull since at the end of an episode shows the following automatically.

But if you want to see chapters of different series, intersperse a movie or documentary, you need to create a playlist, something that Netflix doesn’t allow automatically.

With Film Stack you can create a playback queue to watch different episodes and movies without having to play them by hand.

Wrapping Up: Netflix Chrome Extensions

Well, those were the best Netflix chrome extensions that you can download on Google Chrome to improve your Netflix experience easily like watching movies with your friends or unlocking some hidden categories.

Do you use another extension for Netflix? Let me know in the comments section to add it tot he list.

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