How To Configure Multiple Time Zone Clock in Windows 10

In many opportunities, whether due to business travel, study, control, etc., we must have access to multiple time zones in our computer to know precisely the time in another country or region.

Windows 10 gives us the opportunity to set up to 3 different time zones and in this way have the exact time according to our need.

So, we will see how we can quickly set these time zones in Windows 10.

Step #1: Edit Time Zone Settings

First of all, open the Settings menu by pressing the keys Winkey + I, then click on Time & Language

There, on the left click on Date & Time and go to the bottom to select the option Add clocks for different time zones

A window appears where you need to check: Show this clock at the top to set it as clock 1, and the same box at the bottom to set clock 2.

In the field Enter display name, we can set a name for each clock

Click Apply and then OK to save the changes. Now you can click on the time in the taskbar to your new two time zones.

 Set More Than 3 Timezones in Windows 10

There is another option in Windows 10 to display more than three time zones, which is the limit of Windows 10.

For this, we will use the Alarms & Clock application from the Windows Store, enter the word alarm in the search box and select that application. You can download and install it from the following button: ALARMS CLOCK

Open the app and go to the tab: World Clock

There, click on the + icon to add the timezones.

There you can see the time in real time in each of the chosen areas as well as its geographical location.

Using one of these options you have access to see more than one time zone and not only the local one to be able to manage in a much more dynamic way everything related to the times in different places of the world.

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