5 Differences Between Instagram vs Facebook

Do you want to know the difference between Instagram vs Facebook? On this post, I will show you some reasons to use more Instagram and leave Facebook.

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Instagram vs Facebook

instagram vs facebook

Both are the most popular social networks on the planet – more than one billion active monthly users per each -, and they are “sisters”. However, these social networks have their differences. Every time Facebook loses more users and Instagram positions itself more, although, in theory, they are two completely different things.

Who would say that a social network acquired with 30 million users, would come to compete directly with Facebook, equaling and perhaps exceeding the number of users, more than one billion active people are uploading ephemeral stories and photos. While Facebook is involved in scandals. I do not think it’s the end of Zuckerberg’s social network, but Instagram now seems like a better place to share your life.

Both social networks arose for different reasons, that is, Facebook was to make contact with your friends or family, and Instagram was focused on photos. However, now they share the theme of ephemeral stories and a reliable messaging platform. It’s no secret, and people leave Facebook for Instagram, but, why? On this post, I will show you some reasons why you should use more Instagram.

According to one study, people spend almost an hour on Instagram. They are exceeding the regular use of Facebook. However, why is Instagram so attractive? Why do people continue to trust their data to this company that dominates the social media market, and that grows more and more each year?

Reason #1: Focused 100% on smartphone

instagram smartphone

Everything started as a photo app, and now it is a reference, a large medium. We all want to be there, according to the social network, 80% of users follow a brand.

Moreover, that fact makes it very powerful, because there is an investment in advertising and it gives rise to continue growing. We always take the smartphone with us, and every one of the interactions on Instagram can be reviewed at any time and in any place.

Therefore, it is simpler to take the smartphone to take a photo and immediately upload it to your profile or history. In seconds, on the other hand, for Facebook, the process is perhaps a couple of steps more. Sometimes there are things that you can only do in the web version; on the other hand, Instagram despite having a web application, everything is controlled from the smartphone.

Reason #2: Find Content on Instagram is Simple

find content instagram

The Facebook search engine does not work as accurately as Instagram does. With a keyword, you may find yourself in a matter of second names, hashtags, locations, businesses. Have you ever been successful looking for something on Facebook ?. Whenever you are looking for a topic, the results are complicated, and they are not as close as Instagram.

Reason #3: Stories

instagram vs facebook

If you can not with the enemy, copy it and improve your product, that’s what Zuckerberg did after he could never buy Snapchat. Seriously, the stories were gradually moving the photo content on Instagram, made the essence of the app came in second place.

Also, this is not so bad, and you can find out the day to day of your friends or your favourite artists. Moreover, by the way, if you have a business, it is a perfect place to show your products. Yes, be very careful with those so-called “influencers” who will ask you for free stuff in exchange for displaying their thousands of followers bought.

Reason #4: Simplicity

Experiment, open Facebook and then open Instagram. Which app shows the content more directly? Precisely, on Instagram with a couple of taps, you can create a story or take a picture and upload it.

Everything is fine at hand, and it is instantaneous. The interface works, the content is immediate and ephemeral. It does not have as much duration. In a day you can generate much material and that people like, it catches your attention. That’s why they spend more than an hour looking at stories and photos.

Reason #5: Evolving Constantly

When you are the best, you have no choice but to keep looking for improvement. I could dare to say that Mark Zuckerberg wants to eat the errand to everyone. A clear example is the new IGTV platform, which I could say that also seeks to eat a bit the order to Youtube.

Besides, there are always updates with curiosities such as allowing you to upload stories with music, conduct surveys, interact with other users through a question form and more.

I Should Quit Facebook?

quit facebook?

You will agree with me that without Facebook there is no Instagram. It seems that it is a matter of comfort and self-determination.

For example, I spend more time on Instagram because I like photo and there I look at everything my favourite photographers do.

However, there will be those who like to surf the whole day on Facebook, to see what memes are to share or just to spread the gossip with friends, family or colleagues at work. As in everything, choose the social network that suits you, and you like it. In the end, both are from the same owner, both have your data, and in both, you can kill time as a champion.

Wrapping Up: Instagram vs Facebook

Now you know the difference between Instagram vs Facebook and why you should use more Instagram than Facebook, but remember that is up to you which of this social network you prefer. Let me know which is best for you in the comments section.

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