10+ Best IFTTT Alternatives That You Must Try

Do you use IFTTT to automatize your work? Well, you need to check this list of the best IFTTT alternatives.

When you write a message on WhatsApp, you open the app, click on the contact, type and click on Send, Fast and simple. Can you imagine having to do that in ten steps or more?

In your day, you will find tasks or obligations for which you could use less time, effort and dedication by merely automating them entirely or a part of the process.

Some time ago, if you wanted to automate a process or task on your computer, you had to go to programming notions to create a script, or you could use the Windows Task Scheduler or the macOS Automator to program actions.

Luckily, there have been services that facilitate the creation of automatic actions, such as the popular IFTTT (If This Then That), which also automates actions related to online services without having to turn on our computer or device and connect it to the Internet.

The popularity of IFTTT and the demand for solutions that allow you to automate repetitive tasks to have more time for other more complex processes, has led to the emergence of alternatives everywhere.

Let’s see the most popular IFTTT alternatives so that your time is yours alone and to be able to get rid of specific tasks that will be practically done alone.

1. Ellp

ellp ifttt alternatives

Unlike IFTTT, which works from its official website, Ellp is installed on your computer in the form of an application.

Its purpose is to facilitate the creation of automatic tasks, something you can do with the Windows Task Scheduler but with Ellp it is infinitely simpler.

Following the philosophy of IFTTT, you have to choose between the available options and combine them to create automatic actions of the style open YouTube when you connect the headphones, let me know if an app makes my PC go slower, remind me something or open a specific app if you open another before.

2. Zapier


One of your favorite tools to get the most out of the Internet is IFTTT, which allows you to automate tasks that you have programmed and helps you make our lives much more comfortable. But now, I will talk about Zapier, one of the best IFTTT alternatives.

And why use another tool when you already know how well IFTTT works? Well mainly because it incorporates apps that you will not find in the first. Zapier is popularly known as the IFTTT of professionals, as it includes many apps that are used mostly in this area to create their recipes. As an example, I could mention Trello, Basecamp, MailChimp, box, Highrise, Yammer, PayPal, Magento, Redmine, and a lake, etc.

3. CloudWork


CloudWork is a mix of automation service and multi-service meeting place. Not only allows some services to act according to what others say but it also enables you to gather information on all services in one place.

It is ideal for all people who use many apps and is tired of going all the time from one another since from here you can manage most services related to productivity.

4. Microsoft Flow

microsoft flow

With the suggestive phrase “Work less, get more,” Microsoft Flow offers to facilitate your day to day automating tasks related to online services such as Dropbox, Twitter, OneDrive, Outlook and so on to more than 100 compatible services, both Microsoft and third parties.

Microsoft Flow is one of the best IFTTT alternatives and works online. It does not work in local mode. To use it you need to register. You can use your Microsoft or Outlook user.

Focused on the business world, anyone can take advantage of Flow’s automatic actions, both for your work and for your personal use.

The connectors are very varied (compatible services), and the templates cover many fronts.

5. Integromat


Another attractive alternative to IFTTT is Integromat, which will help you integrate apps and services so that specific tasks can happen automatically without your intervention.

It has an impressive list of services and compatible apps, such as platforms, calendars, services to publish content, document managers, email, chat, geolocation, multimedia, warnings, and alerts, etc.

As for the creation of processes themselves, their operation is efficient. The methods can be complicated, but their nature is relatively simple and schematically and graphically so that you do not lose detail of how it will be executed.

Available for free, in case you need to use it at full capacity (more than 1,000 transactions per month or work with more than 100 MB of data) you can use one of the available payment accounts.

6. Automate

automate ifttt alternatives

Automate have a very customizable, powerful IFTTT alternative with thousands of options. You can create action flows where you have access to permissions at all times. It also has a large community behind that will help us understand the app and get the most out of it. The free version accepts up to 30 blocks and has no advertising.

7. Macrodroid

The free version is limited to only five macros, but it is an easy app similar to IFTTT to use and with an interface that invites you to automate your mobile. For example, you can make the WiFi turn off when using an app or open a particular app at a specific time. The possibilities are enormous; you also have templates with ideas and offers warnings about the use of batteries.

8. Tasker

I have talked about Ellp, an alternative to IFTTT for Windows (and in the future also for Mac). Android users also have their app IFTTT alternative.

Tasker allows you to create profiles, which is what the tasks you have designed are called. For this, you have the tasks or actions that you want to achieve and the contexts that are the elements of Android to be used to accomplish your tasks, such as applications, gestures or information provided by the hardware.

Although it requires a bit of tinkering to understand it fully, it offers many possibilities, both locally and about tasks related to Internet services.

9. Trigger


Trigger, formerly known as NFC Task Launcher, has the most options for automation apps. It supports plugins, it is easy to configure, and although it doesn’t take advantage of root permissions, it is equally compelling. The activators are also quite clear which does not cause us to lose among so many options.

10. Automate


Focused on the business world, especially marketing, sales, and content, Automate is an IFTTT alternative that allows you to work with services such as Slack, MailChimp, Trello, Clearbit, Salesforce or Typeform among the many available.

Its operation is similar to the tools I have seen: when something happens in a specific service, Automate will perform a specific action or chain of actions with the services and specifications that we indicate.

You can use Automate for free or if you need to automate many tasks, opt for one of the payment plans.

11. Shortcuts

shortcuts ifttt alternatives

I can’t forget to mention one of the best IFTTT alternatives for iOS.

It’s so good that Apple itself acquired it, so sooner or later we’ll see some of its functions in iOS updates.

With Shortcuts, we can create tasks for any app, online service or task that you can imagine. For this, you have to take a look at the gallery, where you will see what tasks are available and what services are compatible.

Creating a task is very simple. You have to select actions to combine them in a process, something that is transparent and clear.

From My Workflows you will see all the actions that you have configured, also visible from the iOS widgets screen, to activate those actions or deactivate them when you don’t need them.

So far those were the best IFTTT alternatives that you can try from the web, and also in apps for Windows, Android, and iOS.

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Do you use another app like iFTTT? Let me know in the comments section.

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