How-To Turn Off Automatic Updates in Windows 10

Do you want to stop Windows 10 Updates? On this post, I will show you some ways to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10.

Since the release of Windows XP, Microsoft’s operating systems tend to be updated continuously once you turn off the computer. This is a way to keep it up-to-date and free of vulnerabilities that could spoil the user’s experience in the future or compromise the security of the stored data. They are usually done when the equipment is turned off, but in many cases these can be done while it is being used, causing it to restart so that they can be applied.

Regardless of when they occur, there are users for whom these updates are incredibly annoying as they can take a long time to install and consume resources of the device and the entire network to which it is connected.

Sometimes they can slow down the computer as well as the speed of the internet, which is not very pleasant to say. Although it should be noted, these updates are necessary and very useful, as are the updates of an Android operating system or any other.

If you are one of those, who are not comfortable with Windows 10 updates, in this tutorial I will teach you how to remove them using several methods that can suppress them, this way, they will no longer be downloaded unless you decide to re-enable them in the future.

There are several straightforward methods to apply that will help you to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10. The methods are easy to do, and it will not take you more than a few minutes. The most common is to change the system configuration, by a script or by merely disabling them.

Method #1: Windows Update Service

Windows Updates are a service that Windows offers its customers, a way to keep their operating systems 100% functional. Therefore, it is optional and entirely dispensable by the user. In simple steps, you can disable this service by following the steps that we explain below:

On the keyboard press the combination Winkey + R which will open a small window in the lower left corner of your screen, also known as Run Window.

Once the previous window is invoked, proceed to type services.msc and select OK, or press Enter.

This will open a window with an extensive list of services available with the Windows 10 operating system, among which you should search for Windows Updates and select it with a double click.

This will open a small window in the central part of the interface with a series of configurable aspects of the automatic updates. You must make sure you are in the General tab and select Disabled in Startup Type

Then you click Apply and then OK. With this, the process will be finished, and you will not be bothered by the automatic updates of Windows 10.

Among the options that will appear in Startup Type is Manual that allows you to perform the updates manually. This is also a valid alternative since the updates will be made only when you indicate it and the system will only be limited to notify you when there is a new one.

Method #2: WIFI Metered Connection

How to disable automatic updates of Windows 10? The first form is only suitable for those computers that connect to the Internet only by WiFi; that is, they do not use a wired connection.

This option is designed so that customers with limited data rates do not waste their precious data in massive updates.

Simply navigate go to Start > Settings > Network and Internet > Wifi > Advanced Options.

You will have to activate the option “Set as metered connection,” save the changes and restart the computer to be applied.

Method #3: Using Group Policy

Another way to turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 is through the group policy editor. This method is as simple as the previous one, but you can only apply it in the Professional, Education or Enterprise versions if you have the Home version you can not do it. So before trying, make sure you have one of the versions mentioned above. What you should do is the following:

Press the key combination Winkey + R and type in the box to execute the command gpedit.msc and click OK or press Enter.

In the window that will open, go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update

local group policy configure automatic updates

Once there, double click on Configure Automatic Updates and check the option Disabled, then select Apply and then OK. This way, the updates will not be done automatically again.

If in the future you want to perform updates again, you have to follow these steps back, but in this case, check the option enabled, and the computer will download them again.

Method #4: Windows Registry

This method is a bit more dangerous, and for this, some general computer skills are required. We explain below so you can apply it and turn off automatic updates in Windows 10. What you have to do is:

Open the Run box by pressing the key combination Winkey + R and run the command regedit

Once in the registry, follow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows

When locating the Windows folder, right click, put the cursor on New and select Key. Name the new key Windows Update. Go to the new key and create a new key inside that you will call AU.

windows updates au

In the new key, right click and select New and then DWORD (32BITS) Value, which will create a new key of that value that you must name AUOption. Double-click on this new key and change its value to 2.


Close the Registry Editor, and restart your PC.

This will not altogether turn off automatic updates in Windows 10, but they will stop being automatic, and from now on every time there is one, you will be asked to install it.

Note: This method has its risks, and any error can cause irreparable damage that makes you reinstall the operating system from 0. Therefore, it is advisable to make a backup with any of the many software that exists for it, so that your information is supported.

Method #5: Disable Apps Updates

This option only works with app updates. If you want to continue receiving security updates and bug fixes from Microsoft, then you can use this method.

In the Cumulative Update number 5 of Windows 10, Microsoft has enabled the option to disable automatic application updates. If you do not have this patch go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates and make sure you get the latest Windows patches.

turn off automatic updates windows 10

After this, open the Microsoft Store app and click on the three dots button and select Settings, there you will see a section called App Updates, with the option Update apps automatically. Uncheck it to disable them.

Method #6: Disable Updates Script

Finally, there is the option to disable updates through a script, which may be the simplest method of all. To do this, you follow these steps:

Open the NotePad blog and copy the following code:

sc config wuauserv start= disable
sc config bits start= disable
sc config DcomLaunch start= disable
net start wuauserv
net stop wuauserv
net start bits
net stop bits
net stop DcomLaunch

Save the file and change its extension from TXT to BAT.

turn off automatic updates windows 10

Run the script as administrator and ready (right click on the file and Run as Administrator), the automatic update service will be disabled.

Method #7: Tools To Turn OFF Automatic Updates

Another way to stop Windows 10 updates is by installing software that is responsible for deleting them. These programs are a way to automate the processes explained above so that you can apply them more easily to enable or disable updates.


stop updates

This is a very easy to use software that will allow you to stop the automatic updates of Windows 10 Home, which are the most difficult to deactivate. The program has a straightforward interface to use that will allow you to enable and disable this Microsoft service in very few clicks. In the same way, you can also make the updates manually, so that the system will alert you when new ones are available and decide if you want to download them or not.

This is free software that consumes very few resources. Besides, you can uninstall it when you want with just a couple of clicks.

Windows 10 Updater Disabler

This is another application that will allow you to enable and disable Windows 10 updates in an effortless way. Its download is free, and its interface is straightforward to understand. It is ideal for the Home version since this is the one that causes the most problems when disabling automatic updates.


This is a program that automatically performs the process that I explained earlier to change the record editor. It is a process that can be done manually, but that will be easier for you to do with this software. To do this you have to download it, run it and it’s done, no program will be installed as such, only the necessary changes will be made to stop the Windows Update updates.

Wrapping Up: Turn OFF Automatic Updates in Windows 10

Although it has become complicated to disable automatic updates in Windows 10, you see that it is still possible. And depending on the computer you have, you will be able to do it more naturally or less. If you have a laptop, the second one is fast.

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