How To Speed Up & Improve Your Internet Connection

The Internet is present in more than 90% of the world’s population and is currently a fundamental piece to carry out thousands of tasks.

Without the internet, it would not be possible to access our emails, online conferences, social networks or browse any of the millions of websites available.

One important thing about the internet it always is the speed connection through you will enjoy better all your content.

So, today we will see how to speed up and improve the internet connection on your PC.

Test Your Speed Connection

First of all, you need to test your speed connection to have a starting point to improve.

  1. To perform this test, you have various websites, but I highly recommend SpeedTest
  2. There, click on the Go button to get your upload and download speed

There are other sites where you can check that this speed is identical, like Fast

Now let’s see the different tips to optimize the speed of the Internet.


Some recommendations to test your speed connection are:

  1. Disconnect your devices: If you have connected to many devices to your router or WIFI, it may cause an inaccurate test.
  2. WIFI Router Location: Try to bring closer your computer to the router to improve the WIFI connection, remember that walls, windows, and significant objects can have a negative impact on the internet connection.

Method #1: Change Router Channel

IEEE 802.11 introduces three frequency ranges for devices that are 2.4 GHz, 3.6 GHz, and 5 GHz.

Most of the modern devices make use of the frequency band close to 2.4 GHz, and each of these frequency ranges is subdivided into channels, which, in the case of the 2.4 GHz frequency, have 14 channels separated by 5 MHz.

Each channel needs 22MHz of bandwidth to operate correctly so that if one channel is used excessively, there will be an overshoot of its performance limits:

To improve that, it is recommended to the router settings and change the channel.

You can click on these commons links to router admins: |  | | |

Your username and password it may be in your router manual or manufacturer support, but some commons are:

admin:admin | 1234:1234  | admin:1234 | user:1234

Finally, go to wireless setup and change the channel to improve your connection.

Method #2: Check Network Privacy

Windows have two types of networks, public and private; the first is unsafe since any user can detect your equipment and have the possibility to connect and access your files.

So, you can change your network type from public to private to improve security and speed of your internet connection

Follow this tutorial to change your network type: How To Change Network Type From Public to Private in Windows 10

Method #3: Check Background Processes

System processes, specifically Windows, allow applications to work much more thoroughly and with the expected results, but within all these processes there are some that are executed in the background which can affect with the speed of the Internet in your PC.

Some of these processes make constant use of the available bandwidth such as online file storage processes or automatic data backup services and this little by little create an adverse effect on the expected speed.

  1. First, open the Task Manager and go to the Processes tab
  2. There, check the network usage of all your apps

From there, you can decide if any of these has a negative impact on the system and proceed with support tasks.

Method #4: Run Antivirus Scan

Current viruses not only create conflicts in our files but in many more elements of the system including the settings of some network parameters.

Run a virus scan on your computer with Windows Defender

Likewise, you can download some Free AntiMalware Software that can help you get rid of malware that can be the source of your speed connection problem

Method #5: Use Another Browser to Improve your Speed Connection

You can use new browsers to verify if it improves the internet speed and thus discard that one of them is the one that causes this slowness when navigating.

You have these options to use as:

With some of these solutions we will undoubtedly have a better speed of our connection to the network.

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