How To Speed Up Firefox Quantum in Windows 10

The focus of Mozilla with Quantum is that it’s up to 4 times faster than Google Chrome but little by little when using Firefox Quantum we may notice some slowness, and this can significantly affect the optimal performance of Quantum.

Through this tutorial, you will learn some methods to speed up to the maximum Quantum and thus enjoy its powerful functionalities.

Method #1: Auto Discard Firefox Quantum Tabs

Auto Tab Discard gives us the opportunity to configure specific rules to discard the Quantum browser tabs that are open automatically.

This plugin doesn’t close the tabs; it’s only responsible for suspending them so that they don’t use memory inadequately.

This Plugin is available at the following link:


Method #2: Configure Firefox Quantum Tracking Protection

Firefox Quantum has protection against tracing which makes use of a list provided by Disconnect to identify and block web crawlers and thus improve navigation and privacy.

Although it’s a good security practice, in some cases it has been mentioned otherwise, that the protection against tracking causes a negative impact on the computer.

To configure this, go to the Quantum menu and there click on Preferences:

firefox quantum preferences

In the new window go to the Privacy & Security section and in the section Tracking Protection, click Never.


Method #3: Configure Hardware Acceleration in Firefox

Although its name indicates an improvement in browser speed, hardware acceleration is responsible for using most of the resources, such as disk, memory, and graphics, to offer a better experience to the end user.

In a computer with high-end hardware this can be a vast improvement, but otherwise, can have a negative impact.

To disable hardware acceleration, go to Preferences > General and in the Performance section, disable the checkbox: “Use hardware acceleration when available.”

firefox quantum use hardware acceleration when available

Method #4: Free Memory in Firefox Quantum

The excessive use of the browser can create loops that affect the direct performance of the browser since it makes excessive use of the memory of it.

To free this memory, go to a new browser window and in the URL bar, execute the following:


There, click on the Minimize memory usage button in the Free Memory section.

Method #5: Use UBlock Origin

One of the most used and useful currently are advertising blockers and pop-up windows where one of the most recognized is Adblock, but thanks to its blocking capacity can cause a delay in operations of the browser if you don’t have excellent hardware resources.

Instead, you can use uBlock Origin which is much lighter and fulfills the same function; it can be downloaded at the following link:


Method #6: Disable Firefox Quantum Animations

For this, go to a new Firefox window and execute the following:


Click on the button I accept the risk and in the search box enter the term “animate”:

There, double click on all the entries so change their value to false.

Method #7: Reset Firefox Quantum

Finally, if you notice that the browser continues slowly, you can reset it to factory settings.

To achieve this, go to the URL bar and enter the following:


firefox quantum quantum refresh

There click on the Refresh Firefox… button.

You have seen practical solutions to improve the speed of Firefox Quantum and thus enjoy its benefits.

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