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How To Shutdown Windows 10 with the Keyboard

Would you like to know how to turn off Windows 10 with the keyboard?

It is clear that there are commands that never cease to amaze us, and today, we are going to talk to you about a combination of keys that allows you to get it.

And in all operations, there are secrets, such as this that allows us to shut down Windows 10 only using the keyboard, without having to take the mouse and go to the power off button. It is the best method if you want to turn off Windows 10 quickly, in a matter of seconds.

How To Shutdown Windows 10 with the Keyboard

So you can  turn off Windows 10 with the keyboard:

  • Alt + F4: this command closes the active window. But if you do not have any open program and you use it from the desktop, it is 100% effective and allows you to shut down the computer
  • WIN + X: if you press these two keys at the same time, a menu with numerous shortcuts to shutdown, restart or suspend the PC will appear on your screen. You will only have to move the mouse to confirm the action you want to follow.
  • Open “Run” and run “Shutdown -s”: this is possibly the fastest option but also the fastest. You have to open Run and write shutdown -s. This will shut down the operating system. And if you add “-f”, you will be forcing a total closure. Beware, it will not keep what is open with this option.
  • Create a panic button: finally, another alternative is to create a shortcut and address write “%windir%\system32\shutdown.exe -f” and save the changes. At that time, if you save it on the desktop, just double-clicking on it will close all the apps and finally turn off the PC. It’s great.

As you can see, there are four options to turn off Windows 10 with the keyboard, without you having to do anything else.

What is the option that you liked or surprised more?

Do you know of any other to recommend us?

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