How to Show or Hide Updates in Windows 10 [Tool]

Microsoft is continually launching new updates, whether desktop or server, to update all system parameters, security failures and improve the performance.

Microsoft Windows 10 default settings download and install all updates and then restart your computer, and this is continuously annoying for our daily tasks as Windows 10 restarts without our authorization.

Sometimes instead of solving problems, the update becomes the problem and this affects the stability of the computer.

So, in this tutorial, we will learn how to show or hide updates in Windows 10 using a free tool provided by Microsoft.

Show or Hide Updates Tool

Its a completely free tool provided by Microsoft that gives us the possibility to hide updates that create problems in the system.


You can download the tool at the following link: SHOW OR HIDE UPDATES

How to use Show or Hide Updates

Once you download the tool, open it, then press Next to start the process of searching for updates with errors.

Click on Hide updates to see what are the updates that affect the optimal performance of Windows 10. Select those updates to hide and click Next to start the process.

Hopefully, the process concluded correctly. In this way, the Microsoft tool hides the update and fix some corrupt updates.

You can run the tool again and this time select the option Show hidden updates to see the hidden updates in Windows 10.

As easy as that, using this simple and practical tool, you hide Windows 10 updates and avoid any failure or problem at the time you update your system.

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