How to See Who Is On Your Wifi from your Phone or PC [Easy Tutorial]

Do you think that you have some intruder on your wireless network? Check this tutorial about how to see who is on your WiFi.

If you have no problems with your network and check that your connection is going too slow, it may be happening that someone is using your WiFi.

One of the most explicit signals, when it comes to knowing if someone connects to your WiFi network, is precisely the speed. But it may be that, apart from having a slower connection, there may also be intermittent disconnections. If at the beginning of the day it works well, but throughout the morning, afternoon and night it loses strength or disconnects very often, you suspect.

Another thing you can do is disconnect all the devices from your home that are connected to the network. Then it checks if the WLAN indicator of the router (you will find it expressed as such) keeps flashing. If yes, it is most likely that someone is connecting to your signal.

how to see who is on your wifi

But there are ways to prove it. If you want to know who connects to your WiFi, check out these tools.

How to See Who Is On Your WiFi using your Smartphone

The truth is that at this point, different tools offer us the possibility to check if someone is connecting to your WiFi.

A new app to do this type of checks is Fing – Network Tools. It’s available for Android so that you can download it through Google Play.

You will also find it for iOS too, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, you will also have the opportunity to download it from the App Store. You will see that it is a free tool. And that is too light and easy to install.

Once you install the app and run it, you will see automatically how many devices are connected to your WiFi network. Keep this point in mind. Before carrying out any test, you will have to connect the mobile phone to the WiFi network that you want to check.

how to see who is on your wifi

One of the significant advantages of Fing is, precisely, that it is capable of showing you connected devices quickly. In fact, among the list of detected devices, you will find the own router from which part of the WiFi connection.

When you find a device that you do not recognize, click on it to perform more checks. You will access a complete file, in which you will be informed more about the device in question: brand, model and MAC address (remember to write down this numbers to block it on your router). The last one will help you to block it on your router settings.

See Who Is On Your WiFi using your PC

Another viable option is to check if someone connects to your WiFi through a computer. There are many programs that you can use. But one of the most recommended is Wireless Network Watcher.

The first thing you will have to do is download the program from the following download link.

Once you install and open the program, you will see that instantly the tool is responsible for providing you with a list of all the devices that are connected at this moment to your WiFi network.

mac address wifi intruders

What you can do next, in case you have doubts about one of the devices, is to click with the right mouse button on the device in question. You can see, in that case, what are the characteristics of each device and the MAC address. In this way, you will be able to detect and veto those devices that are connected to your WiFi.

Things To Do After Detecting Intruders

Okay, you could verify that I have an intruder accessing your WiFi network. What can you do from now on? One of the first measures is to block unauthorized devices. But for this, you will have to access the router’s administration panel. It will be necessary to configure the MAC filters.

If you do not know very well how to do it, I recommend asking for help from an expert or your service provider. A call should suffice. If you have enough knowledge, you can also do it yourself.

1. Enter the router’s IP address in the address bar. You will also have to include your username and password.

2. Within the administration panel of the router, you will have to search for the filters by MAC. If you already have the MAC address of the intruder that is stealing your WiFi (you can copy it from any of these two tools that I have given you above). By entering this address, you will block access.

filter mac address

3. Another attractive option, if you do not usually have visitors that connect to your WiFi, is to filter only the MAC addresses of your devices so that the rest can’t access.

Have you been able to see who is on your wifi? Let me know in the comments section. I will also let you other posts that you may find interesting:

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