How To Open Private Browsing (Incognito Mode) in Mozilla Firefox

To prevent a record of browsing history from being saved, you must activate private browsing.

How does the private browsing work?

When we use private browsing in our browser a new window is opened to browse the Internet without a record of your browsing history, but your ordinary Mozilla Firefox window still exists.

Keep in mind that private browsing (incognito mode) doesn’t make us invisible since your company or service provider will have access to your browsing activity.

If you want to have more information about the data stored in incognito mode, consult the Mozilla Firefox Privacy Policy

If you want to activate this option in Firefox you must follow the steps that we show you below.

How To Activate Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox

The first thing you should do is open a window in Mozilla Firefox and go to the menu in the upper right corner of the browser window.

Once there, select “New Private Window“.

Another option is to open this window through the following keyboard shortcut:

Windows & Linux: Ctrl + Shift + P

Mac: Shift + ⌘ + P

Once you select this option, a new window will open with the purple mask symbol in the right corner.

All the tabs that open next to this symbol, its navigation will occur in private browsing

To close this option you must close each tab or close the browser.

In this way, you will be able to browse privately from the Mozilla Firefox browser without leaving a trace of those pages that we have visited during the session.

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