How to Login to Windows 10 without a Password

Do you want to know how to login to Windows 10 without a password? Well on this post I will show you some ways to do this.

Having a password on your phone, tablet or credit card is logical: you can lose any of these objects, and that protection prevents any other person from having access to it.

In computers , especially desktop, on the other hand, is not always so useful, because not only are there less chance of getting lost (for obvious reasons), but also, even having a password, unless you have an encryption in the files, it would be totally useless because almost anyone would know how to access the data by extracting the hard drive.

how to login to windows 10 without a password

Method #1: Login Automatically

If you are one of those who bother the start of a fortuitous session every time you unlock the computer or every time you turn it on, this simple (but useful) trick will come handy, although I must emphasize that you have to know very well what you do, because you are eliminating the first security factor of your computer .

Enough to change the password for a PIN (which, although more accessible, also remains a nuisance), because with this method you can directly log in without having to move a single finger. Follow these steps to log in to Windows 10 without a password:

  • Press the key combination Winkey + R to open the Windows Run tool.
  • Type the command netplwiz in the text box and run it.
  • You will have to have administrator permissions to perform these actions.
  • With this command, you will access the advanced configuration of users.
  • You must look at the content of the Users tab
  • There you must disable the box: Users must enter a username and password to use this computer

how to login to windows 10 without a password

When you proceed to accept the changes to exit the window, this will ask you both the user and the password of the user with whom you want to start Windows 10 without a password. You must introduce, therefore, those values.

You must bear in mind that, if you have several accounts on your computer, it will ask you which of them is the one that you want to log in automatically.

This method will work for both local user accounts and Microsoft accounts.

you will only have to take into account one thing, and that is that when you close the session with the computer on, or you return from a sleep state, the computer will ask you again for the key to start the session.

Method #2: Disable Password Request after Sleep

Disable request password after a sleeping state, so that after suspension you can login to Windows 10 without a password, what you will have to do is the following:

  • Press the key combination Winkey + I to open Windows Settings
  • Click on the option Accounts
  • Now you must access the option of the side menu Sign-in Options
  • In the first option of this window, you will have Require sign-in
  • You must click on the box and select the option Never.

disable password request windows 10

In this way when you suspend the equipment, you can re-enter it without asking for the password. It is also valid for local accounts such as Microsoft accounts, at least in this latest version of Windows 10.

Moreover, still, when you choose from the start menu Log out, to have to enter your desktop again, you will be asked for the user password. This will be inevitable, although most of the time you do not usually log out from your session.

Those were the best ways to login to Windows 10 without a password.

Login Without Password?

One problem (which should be noted) is that when you start a program as an administrator, you will not ask for the password either. Although quiet, it is not a security hole as big as it seems, because although they do not ask for the password, you will need to authorize the operation.

That is, no program can run itself as an administrator without your permission (although anyone could do it manually if it is in front of the PC). It is an improvement in freedom, but also a decrease in security. It is as if you accept only to install Windows Store app: you win in safety, but you lose freedom (everything has a price).

Why a four-digit PIN is sometimes more secure than a password. In case of having several users, you will not have to enter the password, but you will have to select the user you want to access, so the session will not start automatically. Finally, you can not choose which users enter with a password and which do not, but it is either all or none.

Wrapping Up: How to Login to Windows 10 without a Password

As easy as that you can login to your Windows 10 PC without using a password. Remember that using this feature of Windows can let your PC unsafe, try always to use a password on every device that you use.

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