How To Know The Browser Version in Chrome, Firefox & Edge

One of the things that many users demand is knowing the version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge they are using.

All this is useful to see if you have to update it, or if you are testing design.

So let’s see how to know in detail the version of the browser.

How To Know Google Chrome Version

  1. Click on the Customize and control Google Chrome (Three-point vertical icon) and click on Help > About Google Chrome:
    about google chrome
  2. In the new window, you can see  the current version of Google Chrome and architecture:
    about google chrome version

How To Know Mozilla Firefox Version

  1. For Firefox, click on the Menu icon and then go to Help > About Firefox:
    firefox version

There you can see the Firefox version and the architecture.


How To Know Microsoft Edge Version

  1. To know the predefined browser version of Windows 10, click on the Menu icon and click on Settings:
  2. Go to the bottom, in the About this app section you can see the browser version:
    about this app edge

As simple as that you can know the versions of the browsers most used today.

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