How to Kick Someonf Off Your Wifi Network – 3 Easy Ways

If you think your WiFi is being stolen and you want to eject the intruder from your network, I’ll explain how to kick someone off your wifi in just a few minutes.

If you detect that your Internet connection is slower than usual or doesn’t work, as normal, it is possible that someone is stealing your WiFi. Checking if this is happening to you is very simple, as well as expelling the intruder from your network.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry because in this post I will explain step by step how to block an intruder in your WiFi network. Banning the WiFi thief will not only improve your connection but will give you the satisfaction of doing justice.

1. Kick Someone Off Your WIFI – Windows

NetCut is an app to manage and control the use of a network. Check all the devices that are using your network so you can quickly discover if there is an intruder that has accessed it without your consent and the best, you can block it.

Use it in your home, office, corporate or home networks. NetCut will serve you no matter where you are. Control any device, iPhone, Android, Xbox and more.

In addition to the device blocking function, you can change or clone the MAC address of an adapter, test the speed of your internet, etc.

The first thing you will do is download Netcut from the following link and run the install wizard that, on the other hand, will install WinPcap.

how to kick someone off your wifi network netcut

Once installed, the program will run and begin to examine the local network in search of all the active connections, the devices that are connected to your gateway, which will likewise be reflected with the address, or the one that corresponds according to the configuration of your network. In addition to this previous information, you can also see, next to the IP address assigned to each device, the identification information.

2. Kick Someone of Your WIFI – Android

WifiKill is an app developed by Ponury, of XDA, with which you can disable the Internet connection of any individual that is connected to the same network as us. If someone is abusing your bandwidth, with WifiKill, you can kick someone off your wifi.
Before starting to talk more about the app, I must say that you need to be a root user for the app to work. Let’s see little by little what the application offers us.


Download WifiKill

When you open the app, it will ask for superuser’s permission, which we must grant it to work. Once we have given them, we must press the “Play” button, and after this, the app will scan your Wi-Fi network in search of connected devices. You let one or two minutes pass so that it finishes looking for all the users of the net then move to the next step, which will be to locate the stowaway.

You will see the different connected devices, their IP address, and their MAC address. These two rows of numbers are going to be the two companions who are going to help us find the unwanted user.

wifikill kick someone off your wifi

Let’s suppose that at home you have three smartphones and two tablets – Android, of course – and that you don’t have any more devices

Let’s go to “Settings,” then to “Phone information” and then “Status.” There you will find the Wi-Fi MAC address of your device. Take note of the MAC addresses of all your devices and return to WifiKill.

Once in WifiKill, you scan the network again – pressing “Play” – with all our devices connected – or disconnected -, and wait for it to end. If you have connected all of them, you will see all the addresses of the devices connected to your network, and there will be some that don’t coincide with the ones you pointed out previously; if you have chosen the option to disconnect them all, you will see only one address. There you have a thief!

Now, press its name, and you will have two options: “Grab” and “Kill.” With “Grab” you can see which pages you are visiting and how much of our bandwidth is being used, and with “Kill” you will disable your connection.

To “kill” your connection first drag “Grab” to the right and then “Kill,” and so you will kick off the intruder of your wifi connection. While the service is active, the user that you have cast will not be able to use your Wi-Fi.

Now use and change the password of your router so that you will have definitively expel the user from your network.

3. Kick Someone Off your WIFI – All Devices

Note: These steps require to have access to your router settings.

Take Note of your MAC Addresses

To be able to detect if your WiFi is being stolen, you have to create a list of the MAC addresses of your devices, which is a kind of virtual license plate for each device. Then, you only have to compare this list with those that are connected to your network, and you will be able to know which MAC is connected without permission.

To see the MAC address in Android, as i said above, you have to go to Device Information in Settings. In macOS or Windows, you can also find the MAC address on their Settings.

Take paper and pencil and write down all the MACs of your devices, and only of yours. It is essential that you don’t get confused in any number or sign because it is essential to identify the address of the intruder to expel a thief from your WiFi network.

Access Your Router Admin

Now comes the part that perhaps can be more convoluted, not because it is difficult but because each router model is a world. Typically you enter your login screen by typing “” (without quotes) in the search bar of your browser.

router admin user pass


You will see a screen where you must enter the username and password of your router. If you don’t know it, you can search for it in the router itself or manual. Ultimately you may have to call your operator to ask about her.

The usual thing is that you have one of the most common operator routers, although it is always advisable to invest a bit in buying one of the best features. There are brands like AVM that sell routers with their operating system, much easier to manage and customize.

Check which MAC addresses Connected to your WIFI

Now it’s time to check which MAC addresses have been connected to your network to identify if there is an unauthorized connection to your home Internet and block the WiFi thief. It is relatively simple.

If you are already in the Settings of your router, go directly to the WiFi network section (Wireless, probably). There you will see two networks: the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz, the WiFi AC.

The names vary, but in almost all routers the section you are looking for must be called something like Associated Devices or Connected Devices. If you see it, click on it.

mac address of device connected to router

A list of addresses connected to your network will appear. Compare them with the list you have written in the first step. If there is a MAC address that isn’t on your list, you got it! There you have the intruder.

How to kick someone off your WIFI

You are angry, and it is normal. You have just detected and verified that someone is connecting to the Internet at the expense of your money, but don’t worry, it will not be for much longer.

Right next to Associated Devices you should see another menu called Control Access, MAC Filter or similar. It is an option to block a MAC address, which will never connect to your Wi-Fi network again.

There you only have to select the Block mode and add the external MAC address that is connected to the network. Once you do it, the other person will stop having the Internet instantly.

block mac address router

Of course, don’t forget that you must block the intruder in all your WiFi networks, in the 5 GHz, and the 2.4 GHz.

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As easy as that you now learn how to kick someone off your WIFI network. If you have any doubts about this tutorial, let me know in the comments section.

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