How to Install iMessage on PC

Do you want to use iMessage on PC? Well, in this post, I will show you two different method to install iMessage on your computer.

Some people wonder if it’s possible to use iMessage on PC. Well, Yes, it is possible.

You will doubt because all know that it is a native Apple app and although it is true, it isn’t impossible to download it in Windows.

It isn’t impossible to make it work on a Windows computer or other operating system. That said if you are a fan of the app, you have to follow all the steps that we have brought you today.

How to get iMessage on Windows?

On this post, I will show you two different methods.

The first option is an emulator called iPadian, and you have to install it although I already warn you that it can represent a threat to the security of your system and it is for this reason I recommend that you have an antivirus that protects your system.

The second option is Chrome Remote Desktop, and a Mac computer is needed for it to be paired and work great on the Windows computer. Without further ado, it is time to move on to install iMessage on the PC step by step.

Method #1: Get iMessage on PC using iPadian

I remind you to have the antivirus, or antimalware protection activated on your PC to prevent anyone from crashing the download. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry, after having this point very clear let’s move on to install iPadian for Windows.

  1. You have to download iPadian from its official website.
  2. You have to install it like any other program for Windows.
  3. After installing it, you can find it in the search bar by merely typing “iMessage”.

imessage on pc

I have to emphasize that iMessage requires the use of an iCloud email or a number associated with an iPhone. That said, there is no way to fool the app, and at least you must have an iPhone to use iMessage in Windows.

Method #2: iMessage using Chrome Remote Desktop

Keep in mind that these steps will only work if you have a Mac with you since you need to pair it with Windows PC using Chrome Remote Desktop.

That is, you will need a Mac during the whole procedure, and if in your case you don’t have one, I will tell you that it will not work for you.

After installing iMessage on your Windows PC, you will use iMessage as long as the MacBook or iMac is activated and don’t forget that you will need an Apple ID.

Like any other desktop service, Chrome remote Desktops will provide you with the connection security you need, and you can even add friends or family to your secure connection.

Without more to say, let’s start with the steps:

  1. Add or download Chrome Remote Desktop to Chrome from the Chrome store as seen in the image.
    chrome remote desktop
  2. Then, you have to install the app on both Windows and Mac systems.
  3. You have to start the process through Mac, and then you will have to go to the remote desktop extension installed on your Mac, write down the code that appears.
    imessage on pc
  4. Afterwards, you have to open the same program again but this time on your Windows PC.
  5. You have to enter the access code you obtained from the Mac on the Windows PC.
    chrome remote desktop
  6. Once the connection is successful (it takes a few minutes, it is better to wait), you will see that the Mac desktop appears on the screen.
  7. That’s it, and you can now enjoy iMessage from your Windows PC remotely.

It should be noted that Chrome Remote Desktop is a multiplatform app and works on systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac.

Therefore, you can do this same procedure on any operating system. Of course, always keep a Mac with you because it will not work without it.

Wrapping Up

That’s all. What do you think about it? Surely you didn’t know that it was possible to have iMessage on any operating system other than Apple’s.

Although in 2016 Apple announced it for Android, I recommend that you take into account to follow the steps carefully so that you don’t have any inconvenience and if you had it, don’t hesitate to comment.

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