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How To Activate Free Ransomware Protection in Windows 10

Almost every day, ransomware is covering any system severely affecting the integrity of users.

Windows 10, in its 1709 build, has an integrated tool that will help you stay one step ahead of these types of threats.

In this tutorial, you will see how to activate this tool to protect your files.

Method #1: Windows Defender Ransomware Protection

  1. For this, go to the Windows Defender Security Center.
  2. There, click on “Virus & Threat Protection.”
  3. Now, click on “Ransomware Protection“:
    ransomware protection windows defender
  4. Turn on the switch and click on Protected Folders:
    protected folders windows defender
  5. There you will see some common folders and add another click on “Add a protected folder” and search your folder.
  6. Finally, most of the apps have access to the files in the protected folders, but its possible to allow an unknown program to access these folders, for this go back and click on “Allow an app through Controlled Folder access.”
  7. Click on Add an allowed application and locate your app.


In this way, you will prevent any ransomware from affecting your data.

Alternative Method: PowerShell

As an alternative method, you can activate Controlled Folders from Windows PowerShell.

  1. For this, access the PowerShell ad administrator and run the following command: Set-MpPreference -EnableControlledFolderAccess Enabled
  2. Then, to add folders, execute the following command: Add-MpPreference -ControlledFolderAccessProtectedFolders “<folder>”
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