How-to Fix Headphones Not Working in Windows 10

One of the tasks that we frequently carry out in Windows 10 is to listen to our favorite songs through speakers or using headphones.

Although by default the audio driver should generally work, on certain occasions we may find ourselves with headphones problems which prevent playing any sound on the computer.

We usually can see the audio icon with an error sign or with the volume levels turned off:

Method #1: Update Sound Drivers

The first method we will use is to update the drivers because in many cases as the operating systems update their editions, the drivers become obsolete.

First, we will need to open the Device Manager. For that, you have the following options

  • Right-click on the Start menu, or pressing the keys Winkey  + X, and selecting Device Manager
  • Pressing the key combination Winkey + R and run the command devmgmt.msc
  • Type the word devices in the search box of Windows 10, or Cortana, and there select: Device Manager

On the Device Manager, go to the section Sound, video and game controllers, right click on the current driver of Windows 10 and select the option Update Driver Software…

Now, you have the option to search the most updated driver online or using one that you downloaded directly from the manufacturer’s website.

If there is a newer driver, it will be downloaded and installed in the system.

Method #2: Troubleshoot Headphones

The next alternative presented is to use the Troubleshoot tool of Windows 10 which can analyze the sound and determine what is failing and proceed, if possible, with its correction.

For this, we must go to the Start menu > Settings or just press Winkey + I

There go to the Update & Security section and in the new window go to the Troubleshoot section:

There you can find several options to fix error in Windows 10. Click on the option Playing Audio and Run Troubleshooter.

Now, the tool analyzes your system and ask you what the device that you want to troubleshoot, select the one with the error, your headphones is.

The tool automatically starts the analysis, and you will see some recommendations associated with the possible problem of the device.

If we want to execute a test to verify that the sound works in the best way, click on the option Play test sounds.

Finally, you must determine how is the quality of the audio to finish or not the process of troubleshooter.

Another way to directly access this option is by right-clicking on the audio icon in the taskbar and there select the option Troubleshoot sound problems:

Method #3: Restart Windows 10 Audio Service

Another option that you have is to restart the audio service in Windows 10 as it often fails due to some software problem.

For this, we will use the key combination Winkey  + R and execute the following command:


Press Enter or OK. In the windows that open, locate the service called Windows Audio, right click on it and select the Restart option:

These are some of the methods to fix your headphones not working error in Windows 10. Let me know in the comments if some of the methods mentioned here work for you.

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