4 Best Free Video Stabilization Software

Do you want to stabilize your shaky videos easily? Well, check this list of the best free video stabilization software for Windows, Android & iPhone.

Currently, most video cameras have specific methods that improve catches by reducing noise and enhancing the stabilization of action or sports shots. However, it will always be necessary to stabilize the scenes to minimize the effect of movement and obtain jobs with professional quality.

In the following post, I will show you some of the best free video stabilization software that you can use to stabilize your videos.

Virtual Dub | Windows

Stabilizing your videos on a PC is simple; you have to have the right tools. In this opportunity, I will use the VirtualDub, one of the best free video stabilization software for Windows, and its partner Ffinputdriver, in addition to DesHacker and the necessary codecs for its correct operation, so get to work.

The first step you must take to stabilize your videos on your PC is to download all the necessary codecs to your computer. One of the best codec packages you can find is the K-Lite Codec Pack, once downloaded you install it and you’re ready, you’re prepared for the next step.

With updated codecs, it is time to install the necessary filters for your work on your PC, for this you will need to download ffdshow. You must be aware of downloading the most updated version for your system and verify that you have the application plugins.

Now it’s time for you to download VirtualDub, this software is self-executing, so you will only have to unzip it and use it, it doesn’t require installation. Next, you will have to install the plugin that will allow you to open video files with mp4 format, for this you will have to go to the Ffinputdriver website and download it and then copy it into the plugins32 folder of VirtualDub. You must perform the same thing with DesHacker.

virtualdub free video stabilization software

After the installation process, you should only run VirtualDub by double-clicking on the VIrtualDub.exe file. Once the software is open, open the video to stabilize by looking for the File option in the menu and then select Open Video File.

You will notice that a pop-up menu opens where you have to select the option FFMpeg Supported files, and then select the video you want to open.

It’s time to go to the Audio menu and check the option Full processing mode, then click on the button compression. A dialog box will appear, where you must select Audio Decoder ffdshow and finally click on OK.


Then you must enter the video menu and make sure that the option Full processing mode is checked, and then click on compression. Now it’s time to select the ffdshow Video Codec entry and finish by clicking on OK to stabilize your video.

With all this, you have already learned to stabilize your video on your PC, as you can see it is a relatively simple process. If you have questions with the configuration of the codecs, you can read a little more on the source page.

Motion Stills | Android & iPhone

Google decides and finally brings Android Motion Stills, the free video stabilization software that had iOS in Exclusive. With it, you will not only stabilize your recordings, but you can also even create Gifs with effects.

Google usually looks at Android first to develop and launch its apps, but it doesn’t always happen this way. For example, we saw the GBoard keyboard earlier in iOS than in Android. And the same goes for the video app we’re talking about today: Motion Stills. Google put in it all its video processing machinery getting the recordings perfectly stabilized. Now you can finally download Motion Stills on Android.

motion stills free video stabilization software

That’s right, and the Motion Stills app comes to the Google Play Store with all its vast potential to stabilize the videos. And create from short videos with stabilization effects to funny Gifs with fast forward. The possibility of Google’s processing algorithm is impressive: it not only stabilizes, but it also does it with high quality. Just try Motion Stills to stay among your favorite apps.

The idea is to get small video clips that, despite being recorded mobile in hand, are perfectly stabilized. And Motion Stills does it with a note; as long as you record at the moment, the app doesn’t stabilize the videos in the gallery.

That Motion Stills doesn’t work with the recordings already made is a disadvantage, also that the duration of the film is a few seconds. The free video stabilization software is intended for those who want to get specific moments stabilized and even animated Gifs: once the clip is created, you can also share it as Gif and then send it via WhatsApp, Telegram or social networks.

The interface is more than simple: a button to record video only stabilized, another to record accelerated video and the icon to change the camera. Besides, you will see the minimum adjustments above and the access to the already made recordings unfolding the gallery from below.

One detail is that you can create movies by joining different clips. To do this, slide to the right any of the clips in the lower gallery and go adding until you get the video you want.

Don’t wait to download one of the best free video stabilization software for Android and iPhone.

EZGIF | Online

ezgif free video stabilization software

EZGIF is a website that offers an effortless way to upload your videos and stabilize the image. When entering that page, the first thing you will see is a box to upload a video from your computer or a link. Below you see essential information, such as the supported formats and the maximum weight of the videos: MP4, WebM, AVI, MPEG, FLV, MOV, 3GP and 120MB maximum. You can also convert the format of the videos.

Finally, the stabilized videos can be exported to the PC in MP4 format.

Video Stabilize | Online


Finally, this online free video stabilization software allows you to improve any number of videos and save them on your computer. The input formats are AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV; the output is MP4. In this web, there is no limit, neither in quantity of videos to load nor in the size of these.

You can also make other adjustments such as rotate the videos, crop them and more. Enter here to improve your videos.

Wrapping Up: Free Video Stabilization Software

So far those were the best free video stabilization software for Windows, Android & iPhone that you can use to stabilize your videos. I also include some online tools that let you easily stabilize your videos without installing anything on your computer or phone.

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Do you use another video stabilizations software? Let me know in the comments section.

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