8 Free Security Camera Software with Webcam Motion Detection

Do you want to secure your home or office? Well, check this list of the best free security camera software with webcam motion detection.

If you have or are thinking about setting up an area with video surveillance, the first thing you must take into account is, in addition to the cameras that you are going to use, the software that will be responsible for monitoring what these cameras capture.

Although most of these apps, especially the most complete, are usually paid, this is not always the case, and there is some excellent free security camera software with webcam motion detection.


eyeline free security camera software

Eyeline is a free security camera software that can also capture and store video and photos of different cameras simultaneously. In your case, the number of video channels is determined by the capacity of your computer. As above, works with USB cameras and IP network cameras and features alert email and SMS, and other benefits such as saving images in a folder on the network, performing backups of the recordings via FTP and others.

Free Download | Eyeline



ContaCam is a free security camera software with webcam motion detection that will allow you to control all of your webcams, monitor them and even record what is seen in them so that you can have everything always under control.

This tool allows you to control all types of cameras, from conventional webcams to IP cameras or RTSP, H.264 and H.265 HD cameras. Besides, it is also capable of recording audio from all kinds of sources at the same time as the image.

The first thing I want to refer to is that this tool is entirely free and has no cost, neither direct nor hidden, being an alternative equal, and even superior, to the popular paid solutions for video surveillance.

One of its main strengths is a large number of customization options. This software will allow you to control several cameras at the same time and enable in each specific area to control the movement in it (even setting a minimum time before activating the movement alert). It also has complex detection algorithms compatible with sensitivity, specific areas, etc.

When it comes to video recording the video surveillance zones, this tool is compatible with a large number of options. One of the most interesting is the possibility of setting a recording time before and after a motion is detected. Thus, if you have ContaCam configured to record a video every time motion is detected when the alert is activated, it will also save you the previous 5 seconds.

Free Download | ContaCam

IP Camera Viewer

ip camera viewer

IP Camara Viewer, on the other hand, is one of the most popular security camera software with webcam motion detection. Now, it is a bit more sophisticated than the previous ones because with it you can connect USB or IP cameras. The app supports, in fact, more than 1,800 different models of brands such as Canon, Asis, Panasonic, Mobotix, Pixord, Sony and the like. Specifically, it lets you connect up to four simultaneously — all with a relatively simple configuration.

It even lets you control the movement of the cameras at a distance, that is, their inclination, zoom, panoramic view; and also the properties of the capture (brightness, contrast), the design (so that it adapts to your needs) and other parameters.

Free Download | IP Camera Viewer



Safe4Cam is a free and easy security camera software. A system capable of detecting movement and activating to capture any eventuality that occurs in front of the computer’s camera. Information that you can save and send by email. Besides, it integrates an extension that is activated automatically and the possibility of being configured with other devices to create a closed circuit.

To start it, you will only have to download the program, launch it and establish the initial configuration. For example, you have the option to determine the light, contrast, size of the capture, activate or deactivate the alarm, and so on. You can also increase the sensitivity of the motion detector, improve the types of colors you want to capture, and even have other possibilities such as converting images into video and adding sound effects.

Free Download | Safe4Cam



YawCam allows us to connect one or more webcams in strategic places, to have at all times control of security at home. The security camera software acts as a webcam motion detector. Likewise, the software can also alert you based on movement emails within the house, if you are absent, and send the images to the same email. But things don’t only remain in fixed frames, but YawCam can also broadcast the video in streaming to any other remote computer that you are using away from home. This software is entirely free and compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

I’ve seen the program running on a friend, and the truth is that the images are much more fluid than other software. Of course, it also depends on the webcam you are using, but any improvement is small if you can improve your security at home.

Free Download | YawCam


sighthound free security camera software

Sighthound is free security camera software that uses IP cameras or webcams and defines itself as “the smartest in the world.” The tool is designed for both business and home and not only captures the movement but its system, as you may have assumed at this point, goes further and can recognize people and objects “in the same way that works human brain.”

It is also frequently updated and includes bug fixes, resolution enhancements and other improvements that pertain to computer vision algorithms and more. On their official website, you will also find a preview of the technology they are working on right now. You can download it for free and try it for free for 14 days.

Free Download | Sighthound


zoneminder free security camera software

ZoneMinder is a set of apps, tools that allow you to control, monitor your security cameras, surveillance. It consists of several scripts (Perl, etc.), as well as a web interface (PHP) that makes the whole process more user-friendly.

Let’s suppose that you have a business and you acquire several surveillance cameras in a local store, through intuitive and straightforward options you can start the recording or stop it, turn the camera (if the hardware supports it), etc.

Free Download | ZoneMinder



Many users usually use video surveillance cameras, either a direct connection or through IP to use them for different purposes. A complete video surveillance equipment with its cameras and dedicated recorder are usually quite expensive, so a good option is to acquire the camera separately and delegate the task of recording and monitoring to an additional software dedicated to it.

The manufacturers of webcams usually offer users a simple software that allows seeing what the camera captures at the exact moment. However, this software is generally quite simple, and its functions are insufficient for most users. There are more advanced monitoring programs with more features, although most of them are too expensive and are beyond the reach of an average user, apart from having limitations in terms of compatible camera brands.

iSpy is an open source free security camera software with webcam motion detection on a par with any other professional video surveillance software that allows users to control their webcams utterly free of charge through an intuitive interface.

Free Download | iSpy

Wrapping Up: Free Security Camera Software

So far those were the best security camera software that you can use to record your home or office and even use the webcam motion detection to alert you about any incident.

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What do you think about these tools? Let me know in the comments section.

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