Mozilla Firefox 56 Offline Installer for All OS [Direct Download Links]

Do you want to install Firefox 56 on your PC? Check this post with direct download links to the Mozilla Firefox 56 offline installer all OS.

Firefox 56 is almost like the iPhone 8 among the latest versions of the Mozilla browser, with so much noise that Firefox Quantum is doing, it is challenging to pay much attention and compliments to the previous release.

But, Firefox 57 is still in beta, and those who prefer to use only the stable version of the browser waiting to offer the latest update will be happy to know that they can download Firefox 56 from Mozilla FTP servers, as is usually the case shortly before the announcement.

New Design

firefox 56 design

The new Photon interface also comes to Firefox 56 with this release, so you’ll no longer see more rounded tabs, you’ll have a cleaner theme, say goodbye to the separate search drawer of the URL bar, and you’ll also notice the new screenshots button that in theory had been released with Firefox 55 but not for all users.

The integrated screen capture tool lets you make screenshots of complete web pages or specific sections and then you can upload them to the cloud of your Firefox screenshots for up to 14 days, or download them. But, it does not have an integrated editor to make any changes to the screenshots or add text or highlight.

It also changes what appears in the Firefox Options section, since Mozilla has rearranged the settings in fewer categories so you can find what you want to improve faster without having to go through more than half a dozen tabs.

With Firefox 56 the browser will also begin to block the playback of all multimedia content in the background, that is, no scares of tabs playing a sound even if they are not focused.

News and Changes

One of the novelties that come with this new version of the browser is Screenshots, a new tool installed by default in the browser that allows us to easily take screenshots of any web page directly from the browser itself to share it with other users or save it in our computer.

firefox 56 screenshots tool

The preferences section has also been updated and redesigned, including new changes, new features and new options to configure our browser. In addition to the redesign, one of the main novelties is a search engine that allows you to find the configuration options we are looking for easily.

Besides, the main URLs to access the configurations have also been updated:

General: about:preferences#general
Search: about:preferences#search
Privacy and Security: about:preferences#privacy
Firefox Account: about:preferences#sync

The descriptions of these options have also been updated to help you understand them better.

Other minor changes that have reached this new version of the browser are:

  • It will not play more open media content in the background.
  • Hardware acceleration for AES-GCM, which allows a remarkable performance improvement.
  • Safe Browsing protocol updated to version 4.
  • Security improvements when analyzing downloads.
  • Updates are now 20% smaller thanks to the new system.
  • Compatible with Rust character encoding

This new version also includes a series of patches and security fixes, although they have not yet been made public.

The new Firefox 56 for Android also comes with two significant changes, on the one hand, leaving aside users with Android 4.0 or earlier systems, and on the other side not being compatible with Flash.

Download Mozilla Firefox 56

This new version of the Mozilla browser will reach all users starting tomorrow, September 29, 2017, both through its website (which we remember that usually takes time to update) and through the automatic updater itself that includes the browser.

However, as on previous occasions, if you don’t want to wait for this version to arrive automatically, you can always download it directly from the links I will leave you below and install it by hand on your computer.

Download “Firefox 56 for Windows [32-bit]” Firefox%20Setup%2056.0.exe – Downloaded 41 times – 34 MB

Download “Firefox 56 for Windows [64-bit]” Firefox%20Setup%2056.0.exe – Downloaded 30 times – 37 MB

Download “Firefox 56 for MacOS” Firefox%2056.0.dmg – Downloaded 31 times – 52 MB

Download “Firefox 56 for Linux [32-bit]” firefox-56.0.tar.bz2 – Downloaded 30 times – 52 MB

Download “Firefox 56 for Linux [64-bit]” firefox-56.0.tar.bz2 – Downloaded 35 times – 52 MB

This assistant will update your browser to Firefox 56, and it will be the same version without any change.

I remind you once again that this will be the last version that will support the original Mozilla extensions. As of the next release, Firefox 57, these extensions will stop working and only new WebExtensions will.

Wrapping Up

What do you think of the new Firefox 56? Do you think Mozilla is doing an excellent job with your browser? Let me know in the comments section.

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