7 Easy Ways to Open Event Viewer in Windows 10

One of the most critical tools offered by Microsoft, both at home and at the corporate level, is undoubtedly the event viewer since from you have access to all the events that occurred in the Operating System during all activity time.

Remember that every action that takes place in the computer, whether it is a power-up, login, installation, etc., will keep a record, and that is where the event viewer takes this record and allows us to see it in a clear and simple interface for its use and administration.

So, today we will learn some easy ways to open this Event Viewer

Method #1: Open Event Viewer using Command Prompt

  1. Type the word cmd in the Windows Search
  2. Select Command Prompt
  3. In the CMD type the following command: eventvwr
  4. Press Enter to open the Event Viewer

Method #2: Open Event Viewer using Windows PowerShell

  1. Type Powershell in the Windows search
  2. Select Windows PowerShell
  3. Once open, type the command: eventvwr
  4. Finally, press Enter to open the Event Viewer

Method #3: Open Event Viewer using Search

This option is the easiest, just type event in the Windows search box and the options displayed select Event Viewer

Method #4: Open Event Viewer using File Explorer

  1. Open the File Explorer
  2. On the upper right search type event viewer
  3. From the options double-click on Event Viewer

Method #5: Open Event Viewer using Run

Another easiest option is to use the Run window.

  1. Press the keys Winkey + R
  2. Type the command: eventvwr and press Enter

Method #6: Open Event Viewer using Control Panel

You can open Event Viewer from the Control Panel search the word viewer in the upper right box:

You can also open the Event Viewer in the Control Panel navigating to System and Security > Administrative Tools > View event logs

Method #6: Open Even Viewer from Start Menu

Finally, you have two options to open Event Viewer using the Start menu.

The first way is by right-clicking on the Start button and selecting Event Viewer

The second way is to click on the Start Menu and navigate to  Windows Administrative Tools > Event Viewer

Using one of the methods described, you will quickly open the following window:

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