How-to Fix ‘Encrypt Contents to Secure’ Data Greyed Out

The option Encrypt contents to secure data is greyed out? Check this tutorial to fix this error on Windows 10.

You currently have security options included in the operating system itself, thanks to which we can encrypt files or folders with the best standards, preventing unauthorized access to them.

In Windows 10 we find the option of EFS encryption thanks to which we will have at hand a great tool to protect the most delicate in the system, and today you will see how to encrypt elements with EFS.

What is EFS?

encrypt contents to secure data

EFS (Encrypting File System) is available in Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education editions and its function are similar to the well-known BitLocker.

EFS is designed as the encryption of the NTFS file system and is focused on the encryption of individual data only. When encrypting a file with EFS, the encryption of this element is directly linked to the user of Windows 10 who has made the process, so that if a different user is connected to the user who encrypted the files, those files will remain inaccessible for this thus increasing the privacy of these.

With EFS encryption is entirely transparent, because if an unauthorized user accesses the account that has been used for encryption, the data hosted there will be fully accessible to him, without even requiring an access password which converts the encryption EFS in an encryption method not as secure as BitLocker.

Another vulnerability of EFS is that with this type of encryption, the key will be stored in the operating system itself instead of using the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) hardware module, which allows an attacker to extract this key to access the encrypted files.

However, what if you have the option to Encrypt contents to secure data option disabled? Well, this is the problem that recently arose around a Windows 10 running system. I tried to verify this problem for different folders, and I obtained the same result.

If you also face this problem, try the steps mentioned below to fix your system. This solution works for all Windows since Vista.

Fix Encrypt Contents to Secure Data Greyed Out

To fix this problem follow these steps:

1. Press WinKey + R combination, write the command regedit and hit enter to open the Registry Editor.
2. In the left pane of Registry Editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem
3. In the right panel of the window shown above, look for the NtfsDisableEncryption record named REG_DWORD, since you are facing the problem, you will find that this DWORD was having its value date set to 1. Double click on it. DWORD Modify:


4. In the window shown above, change the value date to 0. Click OK. Now you can close Registry Editor and restart to get fixed.

NOTE: Some users point that these fix only works on version Pro and Enterprise.

Wrapping Up: Fix Encrypt contents to secure data greyed out

As eas following these simple steps, you can the error that doesn’t enable to encrypt your content. Now you will be able to secure your data quickly.

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