Driver Boster 7 Review: Install Your Drivers Automatically

Drivers are part of the software that controls the hardware. When you install an operating system, you always have to install these drivers if you want all devices to work correctly. Keeping these drivers updated is also very important as new apps versions always provide improvements and bug fixes.

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“Driver Booster is a software that allows you to analyze all the devices installed in your system and compare them with a massive developers database looking for possible drivers updates to easily install them with few clicks.” 9/10 – Windows Helper Rating

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In this article, I will review and teach you how to use the software for all those who always want to have the latest version of the drivers installed in the system to take full advantage of the hardware performance.

Driver Booster Installation

The first thing you must do to start using this program is to install it on your computer. Download the free version from here and open the file.

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You can use the auto or custom installation, and once you click Install, the software will ask you to install another iObit program called Advanced SystemCare.

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This software can help you to remove unwanted junk files, privacy traces, and even optimize your system. You can check the Yes option and continue to install both programs or select No, thanks

Once the Driver Booster installation is finished, you will be ready to update your drivers.

Differences between Free and Pro versions

Driver Booster has a free version for all users and a paid version. Both versions allow you to analyze the drivers and update them using the “one-click” button. However, the paid version, or Pro, will enable you to additional features like these:

  • Greater hardware support
  • Priority while updating
  • It allows making a backup of the drivers to be able to restore them in case something goes wrong
  • You drivers will be updated three times faster
  • Optimize some hardware settings
  • Enable auto-updates
  • 24×7 technical support

On this page, you could see a full comparison list: Compare Driver Booster

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How Driver Booster works

The first thing you will see when you open the program is the main interface of Driver Booster.

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It is a straightforward interface, and it just has a single button to scan your system for outdated drivers. Click on this button, and it will start searching for the drivers automatically.

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Once the scanning process finishes, it will show you a summary with all the drivers with the most recent versions that you can install.

available drivers

To update the drivers, you only have to click on the button Update Now or on each individual device, click on the Update button so that they are automatically downloaded and installed.

After you click on the update button, Driver Booster will start to create a restore point and then will install automatically. You will no need to follow any installer.

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Once the update is finished, you will see a message indicating that all your drivers are up to date. Restart your computer to apply the changes and enjoy your updated drivers.

all drivers updated driver booster

Advanced Driver Booster Features

On the right side of the main window, you have some buttons that let you use additional features.

The first button that you can find is Boost, and inside it, you have two options: Game Boost and System Optimize.

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Game Boost lets you stop some unnecessary apps or services while you are playing a videogame, you can also configure what process is going to be stoped.

stop unnecesary services driver booster

System Optimize will analyze your system for junk files and optimization, and then it will ask you to install Advanced SystemCare.

The second button is Tools, and there you will find several troubleshooters that could help you if you have issues with your drivers like fixing the sound or network.

tools driver booster

The last button is the Action Center, and there you can find other useful programs that could help you protect or improve your computer performance.

At the upper right, you can find the menu, and there the program Settings. From there, you can set up some minor aspects of the program, such as the interface, program scheduled scan, ignored controllers, or that only the safe drivers for your digitally signed hardware are displayed.

driver booster settings

Wrapping Up

Driver Booster is a tool that I especially liked. Tha’s why if you follow my blog for some time, you will see how i recommend this software when you have problems with your computer.

The software procedure is straightforward despite how complicated it can be to generally work with drivers, update them by hand, especially for users who don’t have much experience in these areas.

As some negative aspect, I found is that there are some times when the driver installation fails. But, that doesn’t mean any problem, if you try to update the driver again, it will do it without problems.

Thanks for reading this review, if you want me to analyze another software, let me know in the comments section below.

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