Download Windows 10 version 1703 [Creators Update]

Do you want to download Windows 10 Creators Update? On this post, I will leave you direct download links to Windows 10 version 1703.

Windows 10 Creators Update has arrived, the second great update of the last operating system of Microsoft after the Anniversary Update of summer of last year. The improvements are many and are mostly geared precisely to creative environments, but there are developments in other areas.

The update will begin to reach users automatically from today, but if you are in a hurry to access these options, you can check this direct downoad links so you can download Windows 10 version 1703 easily and also talk you about the news in this version.

3D Paint

3d paint

The first significant change of this update is the inclusion of Paint 3D, a very special version of the legendary Windows basic drawing program that had not undergone any notable improvements for years, but now comes with a series of tools that allow “3D drawing”.

This app allows you to create 3D objects, change colours, stamp textures or convert 2D images into 3D designs. There is also an interesting repository of 3D designs in to expand this creative field in which Microsoft managers want to involve all users to share their ideas and even if they want to order a 3D printing of those creations.

These 3D Paint creations can also be exported to Microsoft Edge to then enjoy them in all their richness with virtual reality glasses, in addition to offering other applications such as Holotour to make virtual visits with augmented reality devices.

To that improvement is added the commitment to mixed reality, which at the moment is somewhat lame: the support for mixed reality devices is already there, but those products will not arrive until the end of the year. In fact, we have a “Mixed Reality” application available, but when you try to launch it, an error message appears because you do not have a device of this type connected to the computer.


windows 10 version 1703

Some Youtubers and Twitchers have made gold by broadcasting their games to all kinds of games on the internet in their video channels, but now Microsoft offers to do the same to users of Windows 10 and the Xbox One with Beam.

This app significantly facilitates the broadcasting of your games: simply activate the option during games on the Xbox One (especially striking if you have Kinect) or Windows 10 (with a webcam) so that even without having account in the service a temporary is created, and you are assigned a URL that you can share with your followers so they can enjoy the show.

This app boasts a low latency and also offers tools such as a chat to participate in these broadcasts with the rest of the audience. A good alternative to the solutions offered by YouTube and Twitch and that could encourage more and more players to broadcast those games so that others can see how they play, learning and enjoying those emissions.

There have also been interesting changes in other options aimed at the enjoyment of video games. We do not speak only of Beam, but of that new “Game Mode” that if we want it will be activated automatically in Windows 10 when we are playing a videogame to give all the priority to that game in front of other applications that are running in the background.

The option is available in the new “Games” section of the Windows 10 Settings and also through the menu that appears when you press Windows + G when you are playing a video game. Much of the preferences related to video games are now within that section, which allows you to configure from there the game bar, the game video recorder (Game DVR), the retransmission (the aforementioned Beam) and the section ” game mode”.

Microsoft Edge

edge windows 10 version 1703

In this update, you can also enjoy the new options of Microsoft Edge, the browser that has long been trying to become the reference tool for Windows 10 users.

To achieve this Microsoft has implemented new features that according to the company make it more efficient – your laptop will hold more if you use this browser – and also more secure. In the latter area, Microsoft officials say Microsoft Edge “blocks 9% more phishing sites and 13% more malware than Chrome.”

Added to these options is new advanced tab management that allows you to first “reserve tabs for later” so that when we are with a certain group of tabs open that we want to store to consult later we can group them in a small fixed tab that then we can recover again. By the way, it is also possible to anchor tabs.

In the second place, a tab preview has been added that allows us to find the one we really wanted to see when we have many of them open. A drop-down button activates that preview so that we can then select the tab to open at any time. Another interesting improvement: Edge becomes the only browser today capable of playing Netflix videos in 4K, like the native client … as long as you have a 4K monitor and a Kaby Lake family processor.

Microsoft Edge can also act as a reader of electronic books, an option that at the moment is not fully exploited in the Spanish edition because Microsoft has combined this option with the purchase of books in the Windows Store. Of course: we can benefit equally from it since this function allows us to comfortably read PDF books (as before) but also books in EPUB format.


The other great section in which Microsoft has made an effort is in privacy. As we explained a few days ago, during the installation of Windows 10 or the update to Creators Update we will be offered more detailed options that will allow us to select what we share and what not with Microsoft during our sessions, but we can also reconfigure those sections later in Configuration.


There are also changes in the updated policy, which now improve in one fundamental aspect: we can delay the installation of updates for up to 7 days, as well as being able to decide if we want to include driver updates in those downloads. The time slots in which these updates will be installed are also extended, and all this also benefits from the new Unified Update Platform, which allows optimizing the sizes of the downloads or the requirements to install them.

Now I will leave you direct download links to the Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703, and you only need to choose the edition and architecture.

Download Windows 10 version 1703 [32-bits]

Download Windows 10 version 1703 [64-bits]

Wrapping Up

Now you can download easily Windows 10 version 1703 with custom language to install it on any computer that you want.

Make sure to use a proper download manager to download these big files. Do you like another Windows version? Let me know in the comments section.

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