Microsoft SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 [Download Links]

Download Microsoft SQL Server with direct download links. On this post, you can download the latest version or an old one if you need it.

SQL Server is the foundation of the complete Microsoft data platform that delivers an exceptional level of performance for mission-critical applications through in-memory technologies, faster perspectives from any data with familiar tools such as Excel and a platform to develop, implement and manage solutions that encompass both local and cloud deployments.

So, I will leave direct download links to the Microsoft SQL Server from version 2017 to 2008.

Download SQL Server 2017

sql server 2017

Download “SQL Server 2017 Express” SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe – Downloaded 117 times – 711 MB

SQL Server 2017 is the first that works both in Windows and Linux and, besides, in Docker containers.

As Microsoft had announced some time ago, a few hours ago the company released the final version of its Microsoft SQL Server 2017 database software. Although for the moment, ISO images have not yet been published, WZT, known for having It has already been filtering information and images from Microsoft several times, it has released the download links to the official Microsoft servers from which you can download Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

This new version of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 also comes in 3 different editions: Evaluation, Express and Developer so that each user can choose the one that best suits their needs.

SQL Server 2016

sql server 2016

Download “SQL Server 2016 (64-bits)” SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe – Downloaded 221 times – 411 MB

We all know that there are many data in the world and they grow exponentially, that’s why SQL databases are often the backbone of the IT architecture of many organizations. The databases are used to store large amounts of information in small files.

In large companies are a tool that can not be missing if you are looking to work efficiently and avoid administrative problems.

An old database can easily create uncomfortable situations with customers, suppliers or among the employees themselves. That is why Microsoft offers SQL Server 2016, a product that allows you to store information and manage it; working with relational databases, because it is an entire administrative system. As the name implies, it uses the Structured Query Language, and a language used to administer the database server.

The latest version of Microsoft’s data storage software, the new SQL Server 2016, is faster and more secure.

Download SQL Server 2014

sql server 2014

Download “SQL Server 2014 (64-bits)” SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe – Downloaded 21 times – 197 MB

Download “SQL Server 2014 (32-bits)” SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe – Downloaded 20 times – 168 MB

With SQL Server 2014, Microsoft is focusing on everything that has to do with performance, scalability, integration with the cloud and capabilities for Big Data management.

Although these are the main areas of improvement, the truth is that the new version includes hundreds of small improvements, performance adjustments and solutions to minor bugs.

Microsoft talks about apps up to 30 times faster when they are designed to take advantage of Hekaton, and an average gain of the speed of x10 in other apps (here is a specific PDF on the subject). These tables in memory can be marked as persistent (they are then stored to disk) or as “schema only duration” so that only their definition is saved and they are ideal for temporary heavy tasks, such as transformations, data loading, tables temporary, cache, etc.

Download SQL Server 2012

download mysql server 2012

Download “SQL Server Express 2012 64-bits” SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe – Downloaded 15 times – 132 MB

Download “SQL Server Express 2012 32-bits” SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe – Downloaded 37 times – 117 MB

The new family MS SQL Server 2012 is made up of Enterprise, Standard, Business Intelligence, Web, Developer and Express Editions.

Below you will briefly describe a quick description of each of these editions:

Enterprise Edition

SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition is the maximum limit of the MS SQL Server 2012 product alignment. This is compatible with the maximum number of cores and RAM that the operating system host has, providing a complete set of features, including support for the entire Advanced availability and BI features.

It supports up to 16 nodes of AlwaysOn failover pools, as well as AlwaysOn availability groups, online operations, PowerPivot, Power View, Advanced Audit Master Data Services – ‘MDS’, Data Transparent Encryption, Columnar storage indexes – ‘CSI’ and much more. This edition is licensed per core.

Standard Edition

This edition is limited to 16 cores and 64 GB of RAM providing in turn, relational database engine and base business intelligence (BI). It does not include support for advanced High Availability features or more powerful BI features, such as PowerPivot and Master Data Services – ‘MDS’, Columnar Storage Index, among others. It will support for clusters only, two AlwaysOn failover nodes, and it will be licensed either by the kernel or by the server.

Business Intelligence Edition

The Business Intelligence edition is a new member of the SQL Server product family. Like the Standard edition, the Business Intelligence edition is limited to 16 cores for the database engine and 64GB of RAM. However, you can use the maximum number of cores supported by the operating system for Analysis Services and Reporting Services.

It will include all the features of the Standard edition and support advanced BI features, such as PowerView and PowerPivot, but lacking support for advanced features such as AlwaysOn Availability Group High Availability and other online operations. This edition supports clusters of two AlwaysOn failover nodes and is licensed per server.

Web Edition and Developer

The SQL Server 2012 Web Edition and SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition editions will remain part of the SQL Server 2012 family edition. The Developer edition offers the same features as the Enterprise edition. However, it is licensed by a developer and can not be used for work in production environments, and the web edition is only authorized for hosting companies with a service provider license agreement (PNSL).

Download SQL Server 2008

download microsoft sql server 2008

Download “SQL Server 2008 Express 64-bits” SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe – Downloaded 18 times – 83 MB

Download “SQL Server 2008 Express 32-bits” SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe – Downloaded 16 times – 89 MB

Microsoft released in June 2010 the new version SQL Server 2008 R2 (Release 2), but why SQL Server 2008 R2 instead of an SP of the SQL Server 2008 version? This is because it incorporated many new features and improvements and a new version was made.

One of the main novelties, due to the strong commitment that Microsoft is making for Windows Azure, was the possibility of connecting to a SQL Azure server (SQL Server version for the cloud), to be able to make queries, maintenance, etc. of resident databases in the cloud.

Wrapping Up: Download Microsoft SQL Server

As easy as that you can download Microsoft SQL Server from version 2017 to 2008 on your Windows computer. So you can install this excellent software easily.

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