Language Packs for Windows 10 [Direct Download Links]

Do you want to download language packs for Windows 10? On this post, I will leave language packs for Windows 10 version 1803.

If you installed Windows 10 in Spanish or another language, or even if you already have it in English and for some reason, you want to change the language, you can do it through the Windows 10 setting tool. You may not want use, either because you want to perform massively in several previous installations without downloading from each of them, or whatever the reason.

For this, I leave here the direct links to download the language packs that the language configuration tool uses to change the language.

Instead of using the tool in Windows Configuration, the one shown in the following image:

language packs windows 10

Windows Settings > Time and Language > Region and Language

Choose your Windows 10 version:

Download Language Packs Windows 10 version 1803

How to install Language Packs on Windows 10

Once you find the downloaded file, press the following key combination: Winkey + R
Now, type the command: lpksetup and press Enter

Immediately a pop-up window with two options will appear.
You must choose the one that says “Install display languages“.

install display languages

After that, a file browser window will open. With it, you must navigate to the place where the package that you downloaded previously is.

After the step I mentioned above, the process will have to follow its course only by pressing the Next button. If at any given moment you get a message suggesting that the language pack doesn’t correspond to the version of Windows 10 that you currently have, you need to check that you are downloading the right language pack for your Windows 10 version.

Install Language via Windows Update

The first thing you have to do is enter the Windows 10 Settings menu, and you can do it pressing the key combination: Winkey + I

In the Windows Settings menu, you will see several options. Browse through it, and click on Time and language.

Once you are in the Time and Language menu, in the column on the left, click on the Region and language option to access the specific options. On the left now go down to the language section, and click on the language in which you want to put your Windows 10.

set default language windows 10

When you click on a language, a menu with options on it will appear below it. In this menu, click on Set as default to configure the language you have chosen as the default one for Windows.

From now on, both the operating system and the apps that support it will use this language.

Add a New Language

In this same Region and language menu, you can add new languages ​​to the list to be able to select them as default. To do this, click on the Add a language button that you have with the +.

add language pack windows 10

You will enter a screen with an extensive list of languages. In it, click on the language you want to add. Now the language will be applied automatically when you reboot the system.

Wrapping Up: Download Language Packs for Windows 10

As easy as that you can download and install languages packs for Windows 10. You only need to choose the right Windows 10 versions that you have and follow the steps above.

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