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Do you want to install the KB4041676 and KB4041681 updates on your Windows? Well, on this post I will leave you direct download links.

As usual by Microsoft monthly, just a few hours ago he just sent the updates and security patches for Windows 7 and Windows 10, although as is also typical, these are giving problems to some users.

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In particular, I talk about the patches KB4041676 and KB4041681 for the Windows 10 and Windows 7 systems. However, the first reports are already being published by several users indicating that when they are downloaded, they are “frozen” not arriving to finish the operation, so the update can’t be carried out satisfactorily.

kb4041681 KB4041676

The number of systems that usually have problems with the installation of these monthly security patches has decreased significantly after the arrival of the Update Creators Update, although there are still some users who encounter the same mistakes as before.

Say that the cumulative update for Windows 10, KB4041676, is specifically aimed at the aforementioned Creators Update, but, judging by a series of reports from various users, the experience it provides is not too good. And it seems that the KB4041676 is frozen during the download or on the contrary, takes an eternity to install, with some users claiming that they have been waiting for the process to be completed for more than 4 hours.

Obviously, at first, this is unexpected behavior for a cumulative update, especially in systems that were already updated, so that only a small package needs to be downloaded and installed.

How to fix problems with patches in Windows 10 and Windows 7

There have also been reports that the KB4041676 is not installed, so the problems of the previous ones remain since users receive a message informing them that the operating system can not install updates and proceeds to undo the changes, so it restarts to return to the desktop with the initial version. Besides something very similar is happening with the KB4041681 in Windows 7, update that corrects a total of 20 vulnerabilities, 5 critical and 15 important.

Fortunately, the number of users who complain is still not too high, although as often happens in these cases, it is more than likely that the number will increase as the hours’ pass. At this point and if you are one of those affected, Microsoft does not seem to give any solution, at least for the moment, although it is advisable in these cases to try to eliminate third-party security products, as they could block the installation and the deployment of the new updates.

Download KB4041676 & KB4041681

On the other hand, you also can try the update by downloading it and installing it manually, a method that usually does not give any problem.

KB4041676 | Windows 10 Version 1703
KB4041681 | Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2

Wrapping Up

Now you can quickly fix some errors with the updates KB4041676 & KB4041681 installing them manually.

I hope this post help you? Let me know in the comments section if you have any trouble.

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