5 Easy Ways To Disable Keyboard in Windows 10, 8, 7

Although disabling input peripherals such as the keyboard isn’t recommended at particular moments you can disable these devices.

You may want to do that at some point, and that is why this tutorial explains how to disable keyboard in Windows 10.

Note: The same process applies to Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Method #1: Device Manager

Device Manager is a tool included in Windows which allows you to perform changes on the devices and drivers that you have on your computer.

To open the Device Manager, you can press the key combination Winkey + R and run the command: devmgmt.msc

Find the Keyboards section, expand it and select your keyboard device and press right-click on it and choose the option Uninstall device

A message appears, there click on the option OK to uninstall the keyboard.

This method is one of the most effective. Now we will see some tools that help us with disabling devices.

Method #2: KidKeyLock

One of the programs that we can use to block your keyboard or mouse is KidKeyLock, and it is straightforward to use.


To access the tool, you must type kklsetup and for exit it, type kklquit

Once you type kklsetup you will see the following window:

There move the slider all to the right, in that way you will lock all the keys from the keyboard, click Ok to apply the changes.

To enable your keyboard again reaccess the setup typing kklsetup

Method #3: KeyFreeze

KeyFreeze is a free tool for Windows allows us to lock the keyboard & mouse.

Download it for free from the following link: KEYFREEZE

Run the app and click on Lock Keyboard & Mouse to block these two devices easily.

Method #4: CrazzyLittleFingers

This is another free tool with which you can block both the keyboard and mouse in Windows 10, and you can download at the following link: CRAZZYLITTLEFINGERS

With this app, you only need to open it to lock your keyboard and mouse automatically.

To unlock your keyboard and mouse press, the keys Ctrl +Alt + Del and then press Esc

Method #5: Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner

Another of the great tools with which you can lock the keyboard and mouse is Keyboard and Mouse cleaner.

You can download this tool at the following link: KEYBOARD AND MOUSE CLEANER

Run the app and there you can define the time in seconds during which you will lock the keyboard and mouse. To apply the lock click on the broom icon.

With these simple tools, you can disable the keyboard in Windows 10.

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