5 Best Directory Listing and Printer Software for Windows

Do you want to print a bunch of files inside a folder? Well, check this list of the best directory listing and printer software for Windows.

When you store your files inside a computer, the most common is that you do it in organized and organized folders so that you can always have your data at hand. As the number of folders grows, it is often difficult for you to keep track of all the files you have in them. Windows don’t allow you to quickly generate a list with all the files that are inside a folder, and there are third-party apps designed for those cases.

Some of these apps even let you print the entire list when you needed, so you don’t need to open every file to print them.

On this, I will show you some of those directory listing and printing software for Windows.


dirlister directory printer

Let’s take the case, for example, that you have a folder with hundreds of songs, hundreds of movies or hundreds of chapters of different series and you want to have a simple list at hand so you can know what you have and what not with a simple look without having to access that folder.

DirLister is a free tool designed precisely for this. Thanks to this directory listing and printing software you will be able to generate an HTML file or a TXT text document that will include a list of all the files, including the files included in the subfolders, of a specific directory.

As we have said, this app is entirely free, and you can download it free of charge from its main website. Once downloaded, install it on your computer and you will have it ready to use it.

As you can see, its main window is the simplest you can find. In the upper part, you can choose if you want the program to generate an HTML file (each file will also have a hyperlink to the file listed) with the list of directory files, a plain text file, more straightforward if you don’t need it, for example, links to these files.

you can customize the list so that you choose if you want only the name of the file or also its size, recursive reading (that is, including subfolders) and we can even filter by name or extension so that the program only saves a list of files that have a specific name or extension.

Finally, you will choose the route you want to scan and list and where you want to save the file generated by the program. Click on “Go,” and in a few moments, the program will show you the generated list, in HTML or TXT, as you have chosen.

Download | DirLister



Dir2HTML converts the contents of a complete directory and its subdirectories as an HTML table to include in your projects, with several information fields to add.

Now almost all types of content are available online, but it is still up to the computers to store all the details that make these services available to you. Most likely, you need to include a list of elements of a folder in your HTML projects, and this is exactly where Dir2HTML Portable is useful and requires little effort on your behalf.

The app groups all its features in a classic window frame, the accommodation is a walk in the park, with intuitive labels for functions, fields and everything you need to manage. There is even a help manual in case you encounter a problem along the way.

As its name may suggest, the application is mainly used to convert a directory into an HTML file. However, don’t worry, because the content of the source folder remains intact since in the end only a list of elements is created. You can choose to include several details in your project, which you select with a mouse click.

The configuration of the source directory is done through the search dialog. There is the possibility to configure a file mask by writing the names and extensions of interest. The depth of the directory can be configured as single or recursive, with the options to create links with a custom prefix or only to link directories.

The items are displayed in a table, where you can include size, time, date, and even blank columns. The classification is done by name, size or date, while the size can be set to automatic, bytes, KB or MB. When you press the create button, the last dialog box appears to specify the location and name of the new HTML file, which you can then preview in your default web browser.

In summary, LDir2HTML Portable is a useful tool in general, especially if you need to include a list of directories in your HTML projects. The simple interface ensures that you do not encounter any adaptation problems, while the general set of options makes a selection of columns and details to add a walk in the park.

Download | Dir2HTML

Directory List & Print

directory list print

Directory List & Print Pro is a directory listing and printer software that helps you create complete lists of directories on your hard drive, so you can then print them or export them directly to Word or Excel.

The program allows you, for example, to create a list that shows the name of the file, the stamp of the date and the file size of a specific folder. You can also easily export the list with a single click. Of course, all these options (and many more) are optional, so you can create lists that are as simple or complex as you want.

But if all this were not enough, the audio, image and video files in the most common formats can also show much more information, so creating a list of images can be very useful.

Directory List & Print Pro Portable is an application with a lot of possibilities that can help any user who wants to keep their directories under control.

Download | Directory List & Print

Karen ‘s Directory Printer

karen directory printer

Just a few days ago, a co-worker asked me to help him to make a sort of document guide to files, documents, and directories stored on his PC; something that was not very simple, taking into account the number of files that come to have a hard drive. In this case, it was probably hundreds, maybe thousands of files on research projects.

Fortunately, there are automated solutions to carry out this arduous task, and the one that I bring to you today is Karen ‘s Directory Printer. This directory listing and printer software allows you to generate the list of directories and files of the PC in a file on the hard disk or print it directly. You can print out all the files and folders of a disk drive, including details such as the size, date and time of modification, etc.

The list of files and/or folders generated by this utility can be sorted by name, size, date of creation, date of modification, or date of last access.

Download | Karen ‘s Directory Printer



The file explorer of Windows is undoubtedly one of the tools integrated into the Microsoft operating system that users use almost every day. An app that can be customized to suit each one and then I will show how to convert any directory of your hard disk into an HTML page to navigate through folders and files as if it were a website from the browser itself.

To do this, you will have to use an app called Snap2HTML, and as its name suggests, it allows you to capture an image of the directory structure that you want and convert it into an HTML.

The HTML has a format like that of the file browser itself since on the left side it shows a navigation panel and on the right side, it shows the contents of the selected folder organized by columns just as it happens in the Windows Explorer. This HTML file is automatically downloaded to the computer and can be opened from the browser itself without having an Internet connection on the computer.

Download | Snap2HTML

Wrapping Up: Directory Listing & Printer Software For Windows

So far those were the best directory listing and printer software that let you list your files inside a folder and even print those files easily.

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Do you use another tool? Let me know in the comments section.

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