4 Tools to Copy Files from Scratched DVD and CDs

Do you have a scratched CD or DVD that suddenly starts to give reading errors? Well, check these tools that let you copy files from scratched DVD and CDs.

It has happened to all of us more than once. A CD or DVD of music, video games, personal files, suddenly starts to fail. The reader gets stuck and refuses to read the content.

Maybe the CD and DVD are scratched. Or perhaps, due to its low quality, the magnetic layer has deteriorated. Before throwing it away, there are a few things you can do to try to copy from scratched DVD and CDs.

When a CD or DVD fails or fails, it is due to one of three causes: The reader lens is dirty, the disc is dirty, or the disc surface is scratched.

Before Copying Files from Scratched DVDs

Dirty Disc


If a disc can’t be read, the most common cause is that it is dirty. Dust, liquids. The first step is to clean the disc with a cloth or a specialized cleaning brush. Clean with a towel from top to bottom, that is, from the center to the edges, in a straight line. Do not make circles

If the dirt is very stuck, you will use warm water and a little neutral soap or baby shampoo, and wash the disc with a cloth. Yes, you can wet it with water, but when drying it, you have to leave it in the air, don’t rub it with the cloth.

Copy Protection

Sometimes the copy protection of some discs causes reading errors in overly sensitive readers. This is quite common with some Blu-ray movies, but it also happens with games.

If only one disc gives you problems and seems to be okay, start suspecting. Sometimes it is solved by updating the firmware of the Blu-ray player, or that of the console. If you still have problems, you should go to the store where you bought it and have it replaced, or try it out.

Reader Problems

If the disk is clean and has no marks, but the reader doesn’t read it, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility that the reader will fail. The critical point is to see if only one or more discs fail. If there are several, it is most likely that the lens is dirty, because some dust has entered. You will have to use a cleaning disc, but beware, there are CD/DVD and Blu-ray cleaning discs, they are different.

It usually comes with a cleaning liquid that is placed in a head on the disc. It is introduced into the reader and left a couple of minutes. Not all readers are the same, so any cleaning disc does not work. In the case of consoles, you have to make sure that it is compatible.

Now, let’s see the best tools to copy files from scratched DVDs.

Unstoppable Copier

Unstoppable Copier copy from scratched dvd

Unstoppable Copier is a free app designed to copy files from scratched DVD and CDS without any errors stopping the process, all files from one source to another. Thanks to this application we will be able to recover with relative ease the data of any CD or DVD physically damaged (with scratches, for example) that, when trying to copy the data of another form, returns us errors of reading or bad sectors.

To copy a scratched CD or DVD to your computer, insert the disc into your computer, select your route (for example D:\) in the “Origin” section and enter in “Destination” the path where you want to save the files.

By clicking on “Copy,” the program will start working. The time and, above all, the probability of success, may vary depending on the state in which the CD or DVD is located. If this program fails to recover the data, probably none can.

Download | Unstoppable Copier

Recovery Toolbox for CD

recovery toolbox for cd

While Unstoppable Copier is designed to ignore read errors when recording a disc until every last bit of every file is recovered, if the problem is more logical than physical, the probability of success of this program is significantly reduced. In case the issue of your CD or DVD is that it has been damaged during the recording (something widespread, for example, in the creation of multi-session discs), Recovery Toolbox for CD is a tool that you shouldn’t stop trying.

Recovery Toolbox for CD is a free application and will be responsible for reading all the data of the optical disk and will allow you to copy to your computer all those data that are correctly recorded on the disc. Data that has not been recorded, or that have been left halfway cannot be recovered.

Download | Recovery Toolbox for CD


cdcheck copy from scratched dvd

CDCheck is a free tool to copy files from scratched DVD and CDs. All of us, sooner or later, confronted with the fact that the disc has become difficult to read due to the many scratches that inevitably occur over time. Sometimes they can be impossible to copy correctly. But do not despair, it is better to download free CDCheck and try to restore the data.

CDCheck tool scans the drive and searches for all possible errors and corrupted files. You can also compare the contents of the disk with your image on the hard drive. It is also possible to restore data to hard drives and other media. Timely checking allows CDs at an early stage to detect a failure in time and drive to make A backup of the data is not yet proven to be lost forever. The utility uses a set of algorithms to detect corrupt files, which ensures excellent reliability of the results.

Download | CDCheck



IsoBuster is a tool specialized in copying files from scratched DVD and CDs. It also has an algorithm for recovering damaged photos that can’t be opened or that open defective with stains and missing pixels, it also allows retrieving DOC, XLS, PDF documents, and various video formats.

Data recovery is vital nowadays, the price of professional data recovery companies is often out of budget, it is advisable to use this app before taking it to one of these companies since you could recover the essential files without invest expensive payments.

IsoBuster is an award-winning, highly specialized and easy-to-use CD and DVD data recovery tool. It is compatible with all CD and DVD formats and all standard CD and DVD file systems. Rescue lost files from scratched DVD, save relevant documents, precious photos, family video, your unique backup of the system.

Start IsoBuster, Insert a CD or DVD, select the drive (if it is not already selected) and let IsoBuster mount the disc. IsoBuster immediately shows you all the tracks and sessions located in the media, along with all the present file systems. In this way, you get easy access, just like the browser, to all the files and folders per file system. Instead of being limited to a file system that you choose to use, you have access to “the full image.” Access the data of the oldest sessions, the access data that your operating system (for example Windows) does not see or hide from you, etc.

Download | ISOBuster

Wrapping Up: Tools to Copy Files from Scratched DVD and CD Discs

So far those were the best tools to copy files from scratched DVD and CDs and recover your photos, videos or music. You only need to clean your disc and use any of these tools.

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Do you use another tool? Let me know in the comments section to add it to the list.

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