5+ Best Clipboard Manager for Windows

Do you want to manage your windows clipboard smartly? Well, check this list of the best clipboard manager for windows.

Windows clipboard is one of the most useful tools in Microsoft’s operating system or at least one of the most used by millions of users worldwide every day. Every time you press the right button copy or use the famous keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C, you copy whether a file, folder or text, that is saved in what we call Windows clipboard until you copy another thing, which replaces the what you had before

In many cases, when you are copying and pasting any element in Windows, you may no longer know what the last thing that you have copied is and therefore, what you have saved in the clipboard.

Consequently, it is interesting to use some clipboard manager for windows. Below, I will show you the best clipboard managers.

1. Save.me

saveme clipboard manager for android

Windows clipboard only allows us to save a copied item, and if you copy another, the previous one is replaced by the new one. However, Save.me is a clipboard manager that allows us to see almost any item stored in the clipboard. Also, if you have copied a video, image or document, you can even see a preview of them.

Also, Save.me offers the possibility to edit a particular item from the clipboard, which will open with the default application for that type of item. It has the function of protecting any element so that it can not be removed from the clipboard, so you will always have it available.

2. ClipCube

Halfway between a clipboard manager and the notebook, ClipCube will help us organize the copied or cut elements to paste them into other apps.

Also, you can make notes or save links and other information of interest, organizing the data in folders.

ClipCube integrates its search engine and facilitates the use of keyboard shortcuts to work faster.

3. ClipClip

It is another powerful free clipboard manager for windows that besides the primary function of being able to see the elements copied in the clipboard, it allows editing some elements and even save them later in the hard disk or create several folders and then move any clipboard element to those folders.

Another feature of ClipClip that draws attention is that it offers the possibility of translating the text of the clipboard to other languages and has other options such as being able to delete the clipboard elements when you want or identify the latest entries by date and time.

4. 101 Clips

101 Clips, as its author defines, is the best clipboard manager for windows.

It fulfills the purpose that I mentioned before: it saves up to 25 fragments that you have copied (texts, images, files …) and allows to paste them in the order that you want. And on the other hand, save those fragments even if you turn off or restart.

101 Clips allows you to paste those fragments using key combinations that you can configure to your liking or by clicking on the small window of the program. Also, in the case of multimedia files, placing the mouse over you will see a preview.

5. ClipMe

clipme clipboard manager for windows

The function or feature that differentiates ClipMe from the rest of the free clipboard manager for windows is the large capacity it has to store copied elements. Individually, ClipMe can save up to 1000 items in the clipboard. Also, it allows us to see the content of text, image, copied a web page, edit a URL, etc.

6. Clipboard Master

Another free clipboard manager for windows is Clipboard Master, which acts as a clipboard for any file, text autocomplete, password manager and screen capture manager.

As in the previous cases, Clipboard Master allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts to speed up the copying and pasting of files, text or images. Another detail is that it has preconfigured texts, as well as unusual characters and HTML fragments, so you do not have to type them by hand.

7. Spartan Clipboard Manager

The author of 101 Clips recommends Spartan Clipboard Manager in case you look for a more multiple clipboard managers for windows. The difference is that the first one is free and it is paid.

Its design is identical to 101 Clips but without limitation of fragments to copy. It also shows a preview of copied images and screenshots, works with any Windows program and saves the content for you to use whenever you want.

8. ArsClip

ArsClip is a simple clipboard manager saves all the texts you copy to the Windows Clipboard, with support for images, rich text, HTML and more. Keyboard combinations can also control them. In the words of its author, “it was quite simple but thanks to user feedback it has become a tool with many possibilities and very configurable, it is free and does not require installation.

9. Comfort Clipboard

Comfort Clipboard is an improved Clipboard manager with a visual design so that you can see at a glance the element that you want to recover.

Compatible with images (preview), files, documents, folders, and text fragments, Comfort Clipboard supports up to 100 entries. Also, you can save items in the favorites list to recover them regularly.

Another interesting detail is that it supports themes that change their appearance and allows us to choose the key combinations to execute it. For the rest, it is compatible with most versions of Windows, from XP to 10.

10. Clipboard Fusion

Clipboard Fusion multiplies the abilities of the Clipboard with features such as the possibility of eliminating the format of the text you copy, replace copied text with predefined phrases, create your macros in the Clipboard to apply all kinds of changes to the text you copy.

You can even synchronize the contents of the Clipboard with other devices (although this latter functionality requires a subscription).

11. CopyQ

CopyQ is another exciting option to improve the clipboard, both Windows and Mac and Linux.

CopyQ copies and saves plain text, links, HTML code, images and also allows you to manage screenshots.

It also has a search engine to find a specific fragment, and you can include notes and labels in each piece. And as in the previous tools, it allows pasting the copied content with keyboard shortcuts or from its main window.

12. Ditto

With Ditto, you can also improve the clipboard by giving it a virtually unlimited number of fragments to copy, both text and images and files. You can install it on your computer or take it with you in a portable format on USB sticks or stickers to use it on several machines.

It works with shortcuts, by double-clicking on the main Ditto window or by dragging and dropping. Also, in the case of the images, it shows a miniature to differentiate them from each other.

13. ClipX


The ClipX clipboard manager is very similar to the previous one. It allows storing more than 1000 entries in the clipboard, to preview the contents of some elements such as texts, images, web pages, etc.

14. FreeClipboard Viewer

FreeClipboard Viewer is a straightforward clipboard manager for windows at the same time handy since it has the option of being able to see a preview of the elements copied to the clipboard. Correctly, it shows only the last item copied since it does not store the history of the clipboard. It also allows deleting the data from the clipboard, something useful especially when you have copied a large file since you can free memory.

So far the list of the best clipboard manager for windows that you can download for free to improve your windows clipboard.

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Do you use another clipboard manager? Let me know in the comment section.

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