How to Check your Mouse DPI on Windows

Do you want to check your mouse DPI? Well, in this post, I will talk about what is the mouse DPI and how to check yours.

The acronym DPI means Dots Per Inch. It means that the DPI is the amount of dots per inch that a printed image will have. The higher the DPI, the better the print quality.

What is the Mouse DPI?

In a mouse, the DPI is the number of points that a sensor recognizes within the space of a screen. That is, it is a measure to discriminate between 2 points. The higher the number of DPI, the more points a mouse can distinguish so there will be a smaller distance between them. Below you have an image to explain this, the right has a high dpi, and the left has low dpi.

mouse dpi

So many use the DPI of the mouse as a synonym for sensitivity. Therefore, you must also be careful with the amount of DPI of the new mouse that you are going to buy.

Keep in mind that it isn’t right to buy a mouse with too much DPI since it will be almost impossible for you to move correctly due to its high sensitivity.

It has never happened to you that you are going to move a mouse and suddenly the pointer disappears, and you don’t know why? Here is the answer. Your mouse likely has too high DPI for the screen you are handling or that you aren’t accustomed to so much sensitivity.

That is, when choosing a new mouse, you must take into account the screen resolution. An excellent way to find out the minimum DPI suitable for the mouse would be to add two zeros to the inches of your screen.

For example, if my screen is 17”, a minimum DPI to move my mouse with ease would be 1700. This measure is only indicative of a minimum acceptable DPI. If you want more sensitivity, increase to double. It’s all about trying until you feel comfortable.

In many cases, advanced mice include a small button with which you can vary the DPI of the mouse. This will allow you greater adaptability in the use of the mouse since you can change its sensitivity depending on what you are doing.

How to Check my Mouse DPI?

There are 3 relatively simple ways to know the DPI of the mouse that you are using or have recently purchased:

  1. Look under your mouse or in the box where it came when you bought it. They often consist of a technical sheet with the brand, the model and the DPI (if you have it fixed).
  2. Check the manufacturer’s website and look for the mouse model datasheet.
  3. Check the software that brought the mouse. The most advanced mice usually have software that can come on a CD, or you can download it from the manufacturer’s website. Within this software will come the specifications and options that you can modify.

How to Change Mouse DPI

You may be able to change the DPI of the mouse if it allows it. This option can only be applied if your mouse is a bit advanced. There are three ways to do it:

  • Use the Mouse Software to change your DPI. As I told you before, many mice include software where you can modify some options.
  • If your mouse doesn’t have a software, you can download the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center for Windows users only. Here you can modify a series of options, including sensitivity.
    change mouse dpi
  • If your mouse has the DPI button, you must configure it so that a simple click can go from one DPI to another. So you can vary the sensitivity of the mouse quickly and adapt better to what you are doing (playing, designing.)

Wrapping Up

As you can see, if you are thinking of buying a mouse to design or play, you must take into account the DPI of the mouse. I hope it has helped you to know this peripheral better.

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