8 Best Online Video Editing Software

Do you want to edit your videos on your browser? Check this list of the best online video editing software.

Video editing a while ago was somewhat limited to professionals who had to rely on powerful equipment and programs to carry out these tasks, but things have changed a lot in recent years.

That is why video editing nowadays is available to practically any user, at least if what we need is to carry out basic tasks with these multimedia contents in particular. Nowadays, if you need it, you will even be able to do without installing any software on our computers to make certain adjustments and modifications to your videos, as you will see below.

Therefore in these lines, I’m going to talk about a series of online video editing software that will be of great help in these tasks to which you refer. Besides, all of them work for free.

It is true that the work that you can do here is not comparable to a studio or professional video editing software, but not everyone needs that, but with a series of essential functions, most have more than enough. And it is that at the same time you must bear in mind that in this age of the Internet, the video has become one of the most used elements.

So let’s see the best online video editing software.

Movie Maker Online

best online video editing

Movie Maker Online is considered by many to be the best online video editor, and you have to recognize that arguments aren’t lacking.

Movie Maker Online allows you to upload videos, images and audio and drag them to the timeline where you will work with them with complete fluency. It presents the necessary tools of any video editor, so it will be easy for you to cut, join and apply effects to your audio and video clips.

It has a library with videos and sounds of free use that you can integrate into our projects if we wish. Movie Maker Online offers you options to add texts to your projects in a simple way.

Once you have finished your edition, you can export the final result in MP4 and distribute the final file freely.

The only downside that you can find to this great program is that it has ads and does not allow you to use it if you have an ad blocker active. But this is normal since this is how the project is financed.



Clipchamp Create is an online video editor that will provide you with audiovisual editing tools without requiring software. Learn how to use your tools to create professional videos from your web browser.

Despite what many assume, editing a video is not a complicated task. Although the audiovisual edition requires a lot of attention to detail and creativity, the tools are the differential factor. It is in this scenario that Clipchamp Create plays a vital role.

The main feature is that it is not software that you must download and update regularly. This platform allows you to edit video clips from your web browser. Thus, it simplifies the process without losing the range of editing tools. For example, crop, control speed, correct colour, place texts and insert filters.

This platform goes beyond being a video editor, and it is also a compressor, converter and recorder via webcam. It contains everything you need to start an audiovisual editing project and obtain a high-quality result. On the other hand, its interface facilitates the user experience, making a beginner understand the art of editing.

In case you want to combine your creations with stock material, you can do it quickly. Due to its library of images and videos, you can choose content from the more than 40,000 available files.


best online video editing software

PowToon is an online video editor that, in its simplest version, has no cost. Once registered, PowToon asks you the purpose of your work: work, education or personal. From there, you jump to the video, which can be assembled from an existing mould, starting from scratch or riding scene to scene, depending on what you need.

The operation of PowToon does not have too much mystery: to the left, you will find the different slides of our video, in the centre the video itself, on the right a menu that allows us to retouch the slides and below the duration of these.

Besides, within each slide appears a small menu that is shown with three ellipses. As I said, its handling is simple, but if you do not clarify, there are several tutorials on YouTube that explain it step by step.

The limitations of the free version of PowToon are in the duration and size of the videos, but to do simple works will suffice.



Kapwing is an online video editing software that focuses on helping you create those stories for the social platform, all through the use of specific templates that are made available to you.

Thus, once you access the website, you will find yourself in front of a simple user interface that tries to make the task of creating new contents in the form of Stories more comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that there you will find a good number of templates that will help you to create these contents, either through videos or photographs. Also, it is worth noting that its simplicity of operation is based on that we only have to choose the template that we like the most, and then drag the photos or videos that we want to “mount” to it.

After this step, the web app is responsible for creating the new content so that later we can customize to our liking the History that was created before uploading it to the social platform.

For the mentioned personalization, the app puts in your hand’s different tools and functions so that you can modify aspects like the background colours, the sources, the size of the contents, the alignment of these, etc.

Once you have finished and you have the desired result, you will not have to download the new History and then upload it to Instagram whenever you wish.

Online Video Cutter

online video cutter

Online Video Cutter stands out for its ease of use and simplicity, although this should not make you think that it is a minor online video editor since with this program you can achieve more than satisfactory results.

Online Video Cutter lets us upload files of up to 500 MB, or use clips saved in Dropbox or other cloud storage services.

With this online video editor, you can trim your shots and manipulate the images you have recorded. There is a Chrome extension available for us to have access to the editing tools more comfortably.

When exporting your final video, you can choose between a wide range of video formats and select a video quality setting that will determine the size of the file we will obtain.

Video Toolbox

video toolbox

Of appearance, as you will see, much more professional, Video Toolbox is an excellent online video editing software that allows you to edit videos of up to 1500 Mb. It is able to analyze your video and provide detailed information about frame rate, resolution and other technical aspects, but also to convert your video between formats, to add texts to the set, to cut scenes, to unite different videos in one and with the same music or to record videos from the webcam or other devices.

It also allows you to publish videos directly on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video platform. It requires registration.


best online video editor

If what you’re looking for is not a page to make that emotional video for your sister’s birthday, nor that semi-professional video to accompany the presentation of a work, but an editor that allows you to mount videos quickly to post on your social networks, your option is called Rocketium.

Load the video to edit and, from here, use the menu on the left to give your style with sufficient resources. It does not allow you to enter the bowels of the video, such as Video ToolBox, but it does generate enough changes to make your hand feel. Besides, it has an app for iOS and Android. It’s free, but you can only upload ten videos every month.



One of the most popular options on the market is WeVideo, which has several payment plans and a free option with certain limitations, but which allows you to complete work that is not too elaborate. With this free online video editing software, you can create videos of up to five minutes each month at a resolution (480p), but you will have access to its storage cloud (1Gb) and also a library of images and songs free to use. The interface is very user-friendly.

Wrapping Up: Best Online Video Editing Software

Possibly none of these online video editors that I have presented in this article will become your chief video editor, but it is always good to be able to resort to quick alternatives that you can access at any time and from anywhere.

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