10+ Best Gmail Chrome Extensions

On this post, I’m going to show you some of the best Gmail Chrome Extensions to improve your productivity in Gmail.

Since its appearance, Google mail has only gained followers by exceeding 1,000 million active accounts this past February, figures that continue to consolidate its leadership in the email service.

But if Gmail mail is one of the crown jewels of Alphabet, without a doubt, the star of the stars is their Chrome browser along with the Google search engine.

Also, at present, Chrome is the most used browser worldwide. According to the aggregated data of computers, mobile phones and tablets, it owns 57.95% of the market share. Something unthinkable, if you look back, for the year 2008 and you saw how the Internet Explorer was the king of browsers.

So let’s start and see the best Gmail Chrome Extensions that you can try to improve your Gmail productivity.

1. Rapportive

rapportive gmail chrome extension

One of the extensions of Chrome that I like the most and from which I extract more in my Gmail mail because thanks to it I can see the people who send me the email, a small excerpt, the different social networks and with those contacts that I have common relations on LinkedIn. This extension is more focused on LinkedIn.

2. Boomerang for Gmail

Another Gmail Chrome Extension that facilitates your productivity, since it allows us to program the mails at the selected time.

But it is not just here since Boomerang allows you to make a thorough follow-up to your emails that you have sent, since after a while if the sender has not answered the email, it sends you a notification.

To end with this tool, it has another new functionality as it allows you to save your emails, without it being displayed in your inbox and showing them when you have programmed them. Imagine that you have an essential email, but you want to answer it calmly in a few hours because with Boomerang you will only have to program it and it will appear in the inbox of your Gmail mail whenever you want.

3. MailTrack


MailTrack is one of the Gmail Chrome Extensions that once you try it, you will not want to let go of it.

Its primary function is to notify you if the recipient has read your mail. For this, it will inform you in the form of a pop-up window on the desktop, or you can receive alerts in your email. When you install the extension, you will see in your inbox Gmail two popcorn in each of the emails, if both are green is that you have received and read it.

But also, it tells you the time it takes to read them, how many times and the device by which it was opened. In addition to access a panel where you can see messages that have not been read.

With this extension, the excuses for not receiving the mail are over.

In its freemium version, a signature is shown in each of the emails that are sent from your Gmail tray, but it is not a big problem since the extension allows you to delete it manually. Another option is to buy the premium version to avoid it.

4. MXHero

mhero gmail chrome extension

Other tools similar to the previous Gmail Chrome Extensions, MXHero will let you know also who has read the emails that you have sent with your Gmail account. Inclusive, it gives you the option to schedule notifications to inform you if the recipient has opened the mail or not.

It is worth mentioning that the extension allows compatibility with cloud storage services, such as DropBox, Box or others. This way you can leave more free memory of your mail Gmail.

5. Dmail


If you are looking for protection for your emails, this Gmail Chrome extension is your option.

With Dmail you can encrypt your messages, so the recipient and you only read them. Very useful for when you are going to send sensitive information such as passwords or documentation.

In the same way, it allows you to program the message so that it is self-destructing. In this way, you guarantee that your information is more protected.

6. ActiveInbox

ActiveInbox allows you to manage tasks from your Gmail email, such as assigning reminder notes to emails to perform in a certain period. This way, you will not miss any answer or task that you have to do.

A most useful tool but that has a trial version of 2 weeks, from this period you will have to pay.

7. Mail Checker

google mail checker

Through this Gmail chrome extension, you will be added an icon in the top bar of the browser where you can see the number of messages to read you have, notices of new messages and go directly to your inbox.

The only drawback I see is that you can not deploy multiple Gmail accounts.

8. KeyRocket


This is Gmail chrome extension that I find formidable for your Gmail mail, since as you write it shows you the shortcuts that could have been made with the keys. Learning the keyboard shortcuts never was so easy. An extension that many will facilitate the work.

But also, if you download it to your computer, it will also work for any Office document.

9. Gmail Meter

gmail meter

With Gmail Meter, you will be able to know all the statistics of your Gmail account at the beginning of each month. In this way, you will be able to identify the emails you send, the ones you receive, the spam and many other data.

Interesting if you have a Gmail account company or if you are one of those who likes to analyze everything.

10. Gmail Offline

gmail offline

As its name suggests, this Gmail Chrome extension allows you to manage emails even when you don’t have a connection. In this way, the emails that you write without connection will be sent once you have connected to the internet. The conversations, messages deleted, archived or modified will act in the same way.

11. Checker Plus for Gmail

checker plus for gmail chrome extension

One of the Gmail Chrome extensions that are essential in my daily work. With Checker Plus for Gmail, you can manage several Gmail accounts at the same time, answer mail without having to enter the inbox, receive notifications, read them, delete them or download any file, either images or a pdf document.

But, one of the options that strike me the most is that it allows you to listen to your emails. If you have read correctly, you will hear the sender, the subject and even the email. Ideal if you are watching a movie.

One of the outstanding features are the continuous updates, the security it offers and the customization provided by the developer.

12. Canned Responses

canned responses

If you are one of those who responds to many emails and many of them are similar or equal, this Gmail Chrome extension will be handy since it offers to create templates for automatic responses.

13. Powerbot

powerbot gmail chrome extension

If you want to add notes to your Gmail emails or save them to your Evernote account, with Powerbot you can do it without any inconvenience. For this, you will have a free 30-day trial for later if you have been convinced to pay for the premium version.

14. Actions for Gmail

actions for gmail

Actions for Gmail is a simple Gmail Chrome extension but at the same time very useful, since it allows to add next to each mail an option to archive, delete, mark as read or mark as spam.

15. Multiple Accounts Checker

multiple accounts for gmail

This Gmail Chrome extension allows you to add several Gmail accounts in a single tab in your browser. It doesn’t offer email notifications, but a preview, the possibility of archiving emails, marking as read or deleting messages.

Another unique option is to be able to see photos of Flickr while the emails are loading.

16. Bananatag

Interesting tools, since with Bananatag you will not only be able to program your emails for the time that best suits you, but also once sent you will know the exact moment when you have opened them or even put alarms if they open a link.

To make matters worse, have statistics to inform you of the opening ratio or the clicks ratio.

17. Taskforce

taskforce gmail chrome extension

With Taskforce you can highlight those emails that are important to turn them into tasks. In this way, you can highlight those that are essential to program them as a future task.

Even, you can not only transform your emails into tasks, but you also can create task lists and share them with your Gmail contacts.

18. Todoist

todoist gmail chrome extension

If you want to have a total organization of all your tasks , this manager allows you to configure the tasks in your calendar, create sub-tasks within projects, add emails as tasks directly from our Gmail (also valid for Outlook), see the tasks from the mobile, receive reminders of the tasks you must do through email, among other options.

For me, one of the best Gmail Chrome extensions of productivity that exists today.

19. Gmelius


Gmelius is a Gmail Chrome extension that allows you to custom design your inbox. It proposes a simple and intuitive way to give a new look to your Gmail account. Also, it is responsible for managing the actions and functions you need, extensions or security. You have to activate it in your options screen.

An ideal option for those who like design or personalization.

20. FollowUp


With followUp, you will noticeably improve the conversations of your Gmail account, since you can set reminders to the emails to not forget those important messages, track when and at what time your email has been opened.

It also gives you the option of tracking those emails that don’t receive a response by giving them a high priority or scheduling your emails at the time you want. These options are just some of those offered.

Best Gmail Chrome Extensions

As you know, nowadays email is a fundamental part of our daily tasks, be it in a large organization, an SME or a freelance. That is why the optimization of time and productivity should be linked hand in hand with this tool.

I hope that with these Gmail Chrome extensions can benefit you in your mail and take advantage of them.

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Did you know these Chrome extensions? Do you recommend some other? Which do you think will be most useful to you? Let me know in the comments section.

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