How to Automatically Sign Out Gmail When Closing Browser

Do you want to sign out from Gmail when you close your browser? Well, check this tutorial about how to automatically sign out Gmail when closing.

Many of us take into account Gmail for its various features and functionality and, by default, when we start session there this session will be open and active even if the browser where the session started is closed. This for some users is practical since at the moment of accessing the browser the session will be open and we will avoid entering the password, but it is a high-security risk because any user can access your account and read the messages hosted there which It’s a privacy flaw.

On this post, I will show you some methods to automatically sign out Gmail when closing Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

With these methods, you can close your browsers safely without worrying about someone entering your email and private data.

Automatically Sign Out Gmail on Firefox

When you use the Mozilla Firefox browser to access your Gmail accounts, it keeps the cookie session and resets it when the browser is reopened, as mentioned. This may be useful for some users and may not be helpful for others.

If you think that this feature is insecure, perform the following process to disable it. Open a new browser window Mozilla Firefox and in the address bar enter the next line:


There, click on the button I accept the risk to access the configuration of Mozilla Firefox, and you must be careful in the way you manage the changes you execute there so as not to affect the stability and performance of the browser.

Now, in the search box at the top, enter the term sessionstore, and these will be the results:

automatically sign out gmail

There you place the line called sessionstore.privacy_level and double click on it, in the displayed window you will set its value to 2 since by default it is 0.

After doing this, you can close the browser and reopen it, and you will see that you can no longer log in to the Gmail account. You will always be redirected to the login page each time.

Automatically Sign Out Gmail on Google Chrome

One of the most used and known by all is Google Chrome, which also restores the session of Cookies when the browser is reopened. To avoid this, perform the following process.

Open a new browser window and enter the following line in the address bar:


There you must enable the switch Keep local data only until you quit the browser:

sign out gmail chrome

Once this is done, you can restart the browser, and you will see that now it will be necessary to enter the Gmail credentials to access.

Automatically Sign Out Gmail from Safari

In the case of computers with macOS operating systems, the process is simple.
To do this, you must open a browser window, go to the Safari/Preferences menu and in the Privacy tab check the option Always block under Cookies and website data:

automatically sign out gmail safari

You can restart the browser to access using the credentials to Gmail.

Automatically Sign Out Gmail on Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 remembers your username and password, so when you open the Gmail page in the next access, it will automatically get the information and complete the account information automatically. Therefore, you should only disable the function in the Edge browser that is saving your usernames and passwords.

For this, click on the Menu button and more and in the list displayed select Settings. There, you will go to the final part and select View advanced settings.

offer to save passwords

There you must go to the section Privacy and services and deactivate the switch Offer to save passwords:

Wrapping Up

As easy as following these simple steps to automatically sign out Gmail on your favorite browsers you can leave the browser safely without worrying about your account.

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Do you know another way to do this? Let me know in the comments section.

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