3 Best Antimalware Portable Software

Do you want to carry your antimalware software on your USB? Well, check this list of the best antimalware portable software.

We live in a world threatened continuously by security threats. Every so often you see new variants of malware, each more dangerous than the previous one, which seeks to steal data from your computer to hijack it and ask for the payment of a ransom in exchange for data and even use our hardware to mine cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is essential to have an antivirus installed on Windows when you go to connect to the Internet, although remember that no antivirus is 100% effective, and you can’t have two antiviruses installed at the same time. This is where portable software becomes useful.

So let’s see the best antimalware portable software.

1. Nobot

nobot antimalware portable software

NoBot is a portable antimalware software specially designed to detect malware and spyware that could endanger any Windows system and that, for some reason, our main antivirus has been overlooked.

Unlike traditional antivirus, which continuously analyze your PC, NoBot is similar to what you know as portable antivirus, that is, an antivirus that you must manually run to look for threats but that doesn’t protect your computer in real time, and therefore can work without a problem next to another antivirus. Therefore, this type of antivirus is ideal as “second opinions” about the security of our PC.

This antivirus has a free version and a Premium version that costs $9.99/year and allows us to install the software on up to 3 computers. The Premium version unlocks some advanced security features, such as the ability to customize the scans, which are not available from the base.

How NoBot works

As I said, this antimalware is portable so that you can run it from any directory on your computer. To do this, you must download the executable without any cost from the following link and run it on your computer.

NoBot will automatically download the latest version of its virus database to keep it updated and be able to detect these threats.

Once you have the software ready, select the “Scan” tab, and you will be able to see a new window with three scanning options offered by NoBot.

nobot scan

Press on the option of scanning that you want and automatically the program will begin to analyze your PC. In addition to the analysis of threats, you can perform two analyzes of your PC, both a complete analysis of absolutely the entire system, as well as a personalized analysis to indicate to the program the elements that we want to analyze, functions available in the Premium version.

Like any other antivirus, the threats that this program detects will allow us to choose the risks that you want to eliminate and those that don’t, as well as move them to a quarantine so that, in case of being a false positive, you can recover the file and make that your system works typically again.

As we can see, NoBot is, without a doubt, an excellent antimalware portable software that will allow you to obtain a second opinion about the security of your system. The only problem that it has detected is that it has many “false positives” that, as seen in the previous images, detects as a threat a trusted app that none of VirusTotal’s antivirus identifies as malicious.

2. Dr.Web CureIt Anti-Malware

dr web cureit antimalware portable

Dr.Web CureIt is antimalware portable software that you can carry on your USB. It is a simple, easy to use and reliable malware removal app that is surprisingly powerful in its function. It is designed to perform analyzes to remove viruses, adware, spyware, and others.

Besides all the above, it can work as a secondary shield against threats associating it with the real-time protector of another product, since there will be no software conflicts that lead to stability problems of the operating system.

Since its use doesn’t involve a configuration, there are two ways to use Dr.WEB CureIt. The software can be stored anywhere on the hard drive or stored in a memory unit to run regular checks on other computers without any installer directly. What’s more, the portable antimalware doesn’t modify the configuration of the Windows registry.

As far as the interface is concerned, the software adopts a simple and elegant appearance that doesn’t highlight the visual elements but focuses on the functionality.

There is only one type of scan with predefined settings provided by Dr.WEB CureIt, an express mode that searches favorite places for malware infiltrations, such as the Windows directory. But you can customize the scanning behavior when it comes to targeting locations and object types (for example, boot sectors of all disks, temporary files, system restore points, etc.).

For each type of threat, the portable antimalware can perform a user-defined movement, such as trying to correct infections or immediately transfer them to quarantine. It is possible to create exclusions, includes files, emails and installation packages in the analysis, examines the information in the registry and indicates the level of the same.

In short, Dr.WEB CureIt provides an excellent virus detection ratio while leaving a mark on the resources of the system. Keep in mind, however, that the time it takes to scan will depend on the configuration factors and the size of the disk.

3. Spybot


Spybot is a veteran and well-known anti-malware software for Windows systems. It has a lesser-known antimalware portable version, which can be used to carry a USB and save you from one or another hurry.

Malware or malicious files and those known as spyware or spyware can cause severe problems with your data and also make your computer erratic, or slower than it should be. When you see toolbars the browser that you have not installed, if it suddenly fails frequently or if your home page has been changed without you being able to change it, it is likely that you have some malicious software on your PC.

At other times the problem is non-existent in appearance, or stealthy, but you are infected by some malware that monitors your browsing habits.

In some extreme cases, when you are already infected, and the equipment already has an unfortunate operation, it is difficult even to download or install the desktop version of the Spybot. For this reason, to have on hand in a USB drive, this software can download Spybot in its portable version.

To use it, you download it and execute it choosing the USB folder as the installation folder. The Spybot portable software is installed in an external memory, and with the executable available inside it. Some related folders will also be created in which the program data can be saved, such as the updates of detectable malicious codes. It is advisable to access SpybotPortable always as Administrator.

In addition to the classic malware scan and cleanup, it has a series of useful complementary options such as immunizing to avoid scares in the future, update malware database, or a powerful Rootkit scanner.

Wrapping Up: Antimalware Portable Software

As I always say, it is best to keep your computer updated and with programs related to security. This way you will be able to face the possible threats that put in risk the excellent functioning of the computer.

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So what do you think about these antimalware portable apps? Do you use another one? Let me know in the comments section.

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