5+ Best Alternatives to Pocket App

Do you want to save websites to read it later without using Pocket? Well, check this list of the best alternative to Pocket app.

Pocket is one of the most popular platforms and has grown the most in recent times that allows you to save and manage all pending pages to read later in one place without having to store them as fixed tabs in the browser or pages in your bookmarks.

Pocket is a private company and, as such, seeks to do business, so the platform is changing little by little towards a more social environment and, in addition, has plans to include ads pages among the list of items saved, something that doesn’t end to convince users that, little by little, they are moving towards other alternatives.

One of the advantages of the Internet is that there are many platforms designed to offer the same service, so, below, I will show you some of the best alternatives to pocket that let you save webpages to read them later.

1. Basket

One of the main characteristics of Basket is the possibility of having all computers and organized. This platform allows you to classify all the links that you keep with a series of labels so that you can quickly locate what you are looking for by filtering results. It also allows you to save a personal note to each link saved so that at all times you know what it is, in case you forget it.

Basket also saves links to read offline and has extensions for browsers and customers for smartphones.

Finally, Basket is entirely free and allows you to import the Pocket database, in case you are a user of that platform.

2. Tagpacker

tagpacker alternative to pocket

Tagpacker is probably the most reliable alternative to Pocket aesthetically. This platform allows us to save your links directly on the main page of the platform, public by default (although you can make it private from the settings) and has support for labels as the leading organization system.

This platform also allows you to import bookmarks and connects with several additional tools such as Zapier to provide it with more automatic functions. Also, this tool has several social aspects with which you can share links with other people and follow other users to see what they share and also has a lot of potential as a tool to collaborate online.

Finally, Tagpacker is entirely free and allows you to import the entries already saved in Pocket. As an inconvenience, it has no client for smartphones, but only works, for now, from the browser.

3. Raindrop.io


This is an alternative to Pocket whose main feature is its neat, organized and pleasant appearance very similar to that offered by Google with Inbox. Raindrop organizes all the entries stored as “collections,” which can be either public (to be shared with others) or private. It also allows you to assign labels, descriptions and even attaches a screenshot of the page in question. To collaborate with other people, Raindrop will enable you to share public lists through an open URL, RSS or your collaborative platform.

Finally, Raindrop allows you to import links already saved in Pocket and has both mobile apps and extensions for browsers, however, although the platform is free, has ads and to eliminate them (and unlock several functions) you have to buy the premium subscription for $2/month.

4. Saved.io

saved io

Its minimalist appearance mainly characterizes this platform. Saved.io doesn’t have mobile apps or add-ons, and its interface is based only on a box to save a link and the list with the pages already saved, nothing more.

Link lists are private, but you can export them to share with others. Also, it doesn’t have bookmark synchronization service or is linked to any other platform so, for example, you can not import the pages already saved in Pocket, starting with Saved from scratch.

5. Wallabag

Finally, Wallabag is the perfect platform for those users who want to end all ties with third parties. This pocket alternative is entirely free and open source, having to install it manually on your server.

Wallabag also allows you to import all the pages previously saved in Pocket and since it is open source, it is entirely free.

9. Instapaper

instapaper alternative to pocket

Pokémon vs. Digimon. Android vs. iPhone. And, yes, Pocket vs. Instapaper. This is the classic rivalry when it comes to apps to read articles later. Instapaper will offer you an experience close to Pocket, but with a cleaner style and more intimate to reading a newspaper that is not part of a social network. You can also modify the appearance of the articles if you prefer and organize them in folders.

Among the premium functions, we find the possibility to search within articles. The main disadvantage of Instapaper is that it is worse integrated into its web version for PC, so the cross-platform experience is somewhat worse than Pocket.

10. Article Reader Offline

article reader offline

If what you are looking for is a simple alternative to pocket, Article Reader Offline is what you are looking for. Forget the extra options and focus on what’s essential: read. You can modify the appearance of the text, yes, but beyond that, you will have enough to order your saved files and that the app can read your texts.

Its main disadvantage is that you can’t do as much as with Pocket or Instapaper and that it doesn’t have a web version. But if you only read from your mobile and you need something simple, this is your app. You can download Article Reader Offline from the Play Store.

11. Linkaive



Linkaive is the cover, the new contender. It doesn’t have premium features, but it does have an experience close to Pocket that can attract the attention of many. Its interface is not so flashy, but it does the job. You can add new links from any app, use tags, search by URL or content, share the links and browse the links within the app.

Wrapping Up: Alternatives to Pocket

As you can see, there are many platforms to save the links and be able to read them later from anywhere, each with its impressive features.

And, if none of them convinces you, you can always continue with the typical task of saving the page in bookmarks, something offered by all the web browsers in the market.

Do you like Pocket or do you prefer to use some of the alternatives that I have show you?

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