Actual Multiple Monitors: Essential If You Use Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors Review

Essential if you use multiple monitors

It’s increasingly common, especially in work environments, to use more than one monitor. Among its advantages, it allows you to work better and access data and programs faster. Actual Multiple Monitors is a tool that will make it easier for you.

The purpose of Actual Multiple Monitors is to allow all options that Windows lacks to use two or more screens: enable the taskbar, move the mouse between monitors, use a background or screensaver for each monitor, place the Start menu in all the screens.

Actual Multiple Monitors has other surprises, such as resizing windows automatically, resizing Windows 7 Aero Snap, displaying thumbnails of windows from the taskbar, etc.

Another advantage of Actual Multiple Monitors is that it supports several profiles that you can save and recover on one or more computers.

If you use two or more monitors with your PC, Actual Multiple Monitors will be essential.

Main Features

  • Manage from 1 to 10 monitors.
  • Specify a screen resolution for each monitor.
  • Choose a wallpaper for each monitor or share a background between the monitors.
  • Enable a system tray on additional monitors.
  • Different screensaver configurations for each monitor.
  • Create multiple profiles for each project.
  • Mouse gestures to change the monitor.

Therefore, if you have to work with two or more monitors, and want to have many more options available than what Windows offers, download Actual Multiple Monitors.

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