[30+] Complete List of About Firefox Commands

Do you want to know all the about commands that you can use? On this post, I will leave a complete list of About Firefox commands.

Something that differentiates Firefox from other browsers is that you have access to the minimum details of information and configuration, and in the simplest way.

In Firefox you have the command about: with a series of options that give us detailed information about your browser and the possibility of configuring it to your liking. The commands are written in the address bar, as well as you write the addresses of the web pages, and you enter to access.

About Firefox Commands


As you see in the image, this command shows you the list of all about commands supported by that specific version of Firefox that you are running. It is the one I recommend most to review all.

about firefox commands


Show a verse from Mozilla’s book.


A robot greets humans.


It shows you a blank browser window


It shows you the Homepage that you have configured in Firefox


Show the page add-ons you have.


Show the tabs synchronized from other computers if you have enabled tab syncing.


Displays the Sync login screen to log in to Mozilla to synchronize browser data.


Displays synchronization information logs


Show credits


Shows the type of License that Mozilla has publicly.


Shows license and rights


It shows the official Firefox logo.


Show the add-ons currently installed in Firefox


Shows details of the compilation settings used for the version of Firefox that you have installed


Displays information about data in the browser cache.


Shows details of the accidents shown by the Mozilla accident report.


Detail of the memory in use through Firefox.


Displays troubleshooting information.


Displays the page that is displayed when a malware website is found in Firefox.


The most important of the commands. By simply writing it in the address bar, you have access to all the configuration of your browser and with a friendly interface that anyone can use it. Here are the preferences of your browser and in great detail. You will see it when making modifications, optimizations, etc. As warned, the entrance sign is a hostile zone for big hands, if you do not know what you are doing, do not touch anything.

about firefox config


It offers the option to restore the last browsing session.


Displays the error page when the SSL/TLS page is not trusted or loads well due to security problems.


Displays the page when the feeds are displayed.


Shows error page when the browser can not access the requested page.


Permissions page for each web that has been granted with password storage information, location sharing, offline storage, etc.


List of all JS components running. The compartments are small segments of memory used by JavaScripts in Firefox. This command is no longer available in the latest versions of Firefox.


Shows vital statistics on the performance of Firefox.


Information on performance, hardware, use etc.

Wrapping Up

So far those were all the About Commands for Firefox, I will add new ones to this post when they are released. Have you been able to learn a little about the About commands? Let me know in the comments section.

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