10 Free PowerPoint Alternatives for Windows, Mac & Linux

Do you don’t have Microsoft Office but you need to create presentations? Check this list of the best free PowerPoint alternatives for Windows, Mac, and Online.

PowerPoint is an excellent tool, that is undeniable; Very simple to use, functional and practical. But PowerPoint isn’t efficient for everyone, and also, for the use of most people, it is not worth paying the price.

Paying for a PowePoint license if you’re going to give it a very basic or sporadic use is like buying a Photoshop license to crop images. Why spend money if there are free Powerpoint alternatives that offer very similar functions?

LibreOffice Impress

libreoffice impress free powerpoint alternatives

LibreOffice has been for a long time the main rival of Microsoft’s office suite, and not coincidentally; his tools are potent and at the same time easy to use. Impress is the tool to create presentations, is not the exception in that sense.

Unless you are a very intensive user of PowerPoint who also knows all its functions, it is difficult to miss options in LibreOffice Impress. It also supports the PPS, PPT and PPTX formats. Besides, it is an open source, free and multiplatform tool.

Free Download | LibreOffice Impress



Keynote is one of the best Powerpoint alternatives for Apple users. For a few years, Apple has offered for free to all users who have an ID on Apple Keynote app, in addition to the other apps that are part of iWork, although they don’t have any device manufactured by Apple, because through iCloud.com can do all the services it offers, including Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.

While it is true that it lacks a large number of options to customize to the smallest detail, it is currently one of the best free and paid alternatives available in the market. Besides, Apple regularly updates the app adding new features and tools that allow you to customize, even more, your presentations in addition to adding greater compatibility with files and formats.

Free Download | Keynote

Google Slides

google slides free powerpoint alternatives

Google Slides is one of the best free PowerPoint alternatives that you can find in Google Office Suite. Slides is a cloud-based app through which you can create your presentations, some basic presentations without many frills, as it suffers from the lack of many options. If you have to make a presentation jointly, this service is one of the best you can find in the market, since it also offers a chat so that everyone who is part of the project can collaborate and speak in real time.

Being integrated into the Google ecosystem, you have direct access to the photos that you have stored in Google Photos to be able to include them directly in the presentation without having to upload them at any time to the Google cloud to add them.

All presentations are stored in your Google Drive account, which offers you with Gmail and Google Photos up to 15 GB of entirely free storage. Google Slides is inside Google Drive and create a presentation with Google Slides, and you have to click on New to choose what type of file you want to create.

About | Google Slides

Zoho Show

zoho show

If you have become accustomed to PowerPoint and don’t feel like starting to learn how other online services or apps to create presentations work, Zoho Show is the closest thing to PowerPoint that you will find. Zoho’s interface, as well as the number of options, at least the most basic ones, are very similar to those you can see in the Microsoft app. Add images, text boxes, arrows, lines, everything is effortless to create with Zoho Show.

As for the number of templates that you have at your disposal, it is constrained, if not practically non-existent, but if imagination is your thing and you have no problems in facing a blank slide, you may have finally found the app that you need to create your usual presentations.

Download | Zoho Show



If you are usually forced to create a specific type of presentation, whether to present a product, quarterly report results, about a project, or any other situation that requires a series of pre-established templates, Slidebean is the best option of the market.

Through Slidebean you have to select the type of template you are looking for and replace the data with yours.

Slidesbean isn’t designed to be modifying the interfaces or to add or remove content, but to facilitate the creation as much as possible to the user, so that only focus on what is essential and in less than 5 minutes have an impressive presentation.

Website | SlideBean



SlideDog is one of the best free powerpoint alternatives to combine a lot of work already done and put it all in a single presentation. Grab videos, images, Excel tablets, web pages or even PowerPoint and Prezi presentations and put it all together in a unique presentation.

It is also an excellent tool to make presentations at a distance or reach as many audiences as possible since you can broadcast them live and anyone can access them through a link, comment and ask. Of course, to do live broadcasts, you will have to pay for the premium version ($99 per year or $249 for a definitive license).

Download | SlideDog


As the PowerPoint presentations began to become famous, Prezi started to, on its own merits, one of the best free powerpoint alternatives available in the market, and today it continues to be so. Thanks to Prezi you can create dynamic presentations through the different themes offered by the platform, topics to which you can add the number of additional objects that you want.

Thanks to the dynamic transitions, instead of looking like you are watching a slide, and it will give you the feeling that you are watching a small video where even the most boring theme can be fascinating.

If you plan to make sporadic use of this service, Prezi is entirely free if you don’t have any problem in which the presentations are available to everyone. If on the other hand, you don’t want to share your creations, you must go through the box and get one of the different monthly plans offered by this platform.

Website | Prezi



Ludus, like Prezi, is another of the free powerpoint alternatives that in recent years has been done with a large part of users who need to create any presentations. If you want to create presentations that look more like a video than a presentation, Ludus is the best option.

One of the main advantages it offers you concerning other services such as Prezi, is the integration with YouTube, Giphy, SoundCloud, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, which allows you to quickly add any content of these platforms in a fast and easy way. Thanks to the integration and compatibility with files in GIF format, you can create small films instead of presentations.

The free version of Ludus allows us to create a maximum of 20 presentations, storage of up to 2 GB and the possibility of being able to export the slides to PDF format. But if you want something more, you will have to pay the Pro plan. That plan that allows you to create an unlimited number of presentations, presentations that you can store in the 10 GB of space it offers.

Website | Ludus



Sometimes, you are forced to create presentations that don’t have to show visual information, but instead, offer information by offering different options, and depending on which one you choose, one information or another will appear. In this case, Swipe is one of the best free powerpoint alternatives in the market. Besides, being designed for this purpose, you can add texts of varying length thanks to compatibility with Markdown.

The free version allows you to collaborate in an unlimited number of presentations, create private presentations and export the result in PDF format. If you want to add statistics, password protection, link tracking, support and much more, you must pay the premium version.

Website | Swipe


Canva free powerpoint alternatives

If what you are looking for is a simple free powerpoint alternative, and both Prezi and Ludus are too big, Canva may be the alternative you are looking for. Canva offers you a large number of images, to add to the presentations utterly free of charge, avoiding that you have to search Google for images to create your presentations continually. The operation is straightforward since you only have to select the elements that we want to add and drag them to the location that you want them to have in the presentation.

It also allows us to work in groups, and it offers you access to more than 8,000 templates and 1 GB of storage in the free version. If you opt for the Pro version, which has a price of $12.95 per month, you will also have access to more than 400,000 images and templates, and you can use custom fonts, organize photos and presentations in folders, export designs as GIF in addition to being able to reuse it for other presentations.

Website | Canva

Wrapping Up: Free PowerPoint Alternatives

So far those were the best powerpoint alternatives that you can use to create presentations online or with software installed on your computer.

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Do you use another alternative? Let me know in the comments section.

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