3 Easy Ways To Enter Blocked Websites Without Proxy or VPN

Today we want to talk to you about something that you will like:  3 tricks to enter blocked websites without proxy or VPN. In many occasions, we may need to open blocked sites, but if we do not want to complicate our lives, we will give you some options so that you can get it quickly and efficiently, which you will be able to try now.

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3 Easy Ways to Enter Blocked Sites Without Proxz or VPN

These are some of the best ways to get it:

Method #1: Translators

One way to skip the blocking of many websites is as simple as opening an online translator like Google’s and pasting the blocked URL.

In this way, you can access it because these sites work as a proxy.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best and fastest options to achieve it.

Method #2: Wi-fi Hotspot

Another way to enter blocked sites is on the phone, using it as a Wi-Fi point.

This consumes a lot of data especially if you see multimedia content, but you will be able to do it quickly it will help you.

From the Connection Settings > Wi-Fi hotspot.

Method #3: Convert to PDF

Another option to make blocked pages can convert it to PDF format.

You can do it through many services such as  Web2PDFConvert, which offers one of the best online services.

This does not work for all the content.

Have helped you these three easy tricks to enter blocked websites without proxy or VPN?

Do you know more? You can tell us from the comments.

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